Of the 12 new OS X features the company has been emphasizing on its Web site, most would be desirable for a hand-held phone, including chat capabilities, mail, an address book, calendar features, automatic networking and a synchronization feature that will become available in September.

And several of the features, including the company’s handwriting-recognition technology and Sherlock information-retrieval program, would be much more relevant to a small, portable device than to a desktop computer.

Sherlock in particular has been repositioned in a way that would make it a perfect counterpart for a portable phoneIts original purpose, which was finding files and content on the computer’s local disk, has been transformed into a more general “find” utility programNow, Sherlock is being extended to search for types of information like airline and movie schedules and restaurant locationsThe software can display maps and driving directions.

当然iSync这种类型的技术,将有助于整合手机与Mac OS X但这是整个所谓iSync——帮助同步信息的数字中心But Mail? And Sherlock? These are应用程序,而不是技术The article seems to insinuate that Apple could make Sherlock run on a cell phone; that’s impossible, unless the cell phone were actually running Mac OS X, which definitely is impossible如果苹果公司创建一个iPhone,iPhone有一个叫夏洛克的搜索应用程序,说福尔摩斯将通过定义需要完全重写。


本文指的是苹果的旗舰操作系统作为“麦金塔操作系统”,这是错误的商标名称是“Mac OS”这可能是错误的,不是先生马尔可夫链的错,而是一个文字编辑奇怪的是,他们“Mac”扩大到“麦金塔”,但没有“OS”扩展到“操作系统”,这将使得它正确,把它变成一个描述性短语,而不是一个产品的名字“OS” (as a noun, not a name) seems entirely out of place in a newspaper that still puts the periods in “F.B.I.” and “C.I.A.”.