The other day we received an email from a paying customer, who had a fairly simple routine inquiry about the software he had purchased当然没有生命或数据威胁Like all of our other support email, it went into a first-in, first-out email queueIt seems only fair to answer emails in the order they arrive, after all.

什么时候没有回复一小时, said user sent another support email.

第二个小时后,一个第三email arrived, this time with a threat attached我们要么回复这封电子邮件立即or our company and product would be besmirched by him posting a scathing review on a popular version tracking web site.

人们问我是否想念Bare Bones。


When you encounter bugs in software, there are only two reasonable ways to respond: (1) report the bug to the developers; or (2) keep it to yourself, and either work around it, or, if it’s a show-stopper, abandon the software.

Choice (1) is the only option that has a chance of helping the bug get fixed; it sounds totally obvious, but developers only fix the bugs they know about但是选择(2)仍然是合理的也许这个软件对你来说不是很重要也许你过去曾向同一个开发者报告错误,但从未收到过回复。

然而,完全不合理的是选项(3):在网络上抨击开发人员和软件It’s baffling; if you’re going to take the time to write a report about the bug, why post it to the VersionTracker forums without having first emailed a report to the developer? Is the goal to see the software actually improve, or just to get off on pissing all over someone else’s work?

对于小型开发人员来说,嘲笑错误的VersionTracker评论很常见(例如,Maarten Hekkelman对VersionTracker的评论感到遗憾我们的采访上个月。)但我想知道它是否真的有必要我的意思是,有没有合理的人真正对VersionTracker的评论给予任何信任?



他是正确的,用户不信任软件公司但这对消费者来说是有用的任何行业每个人都知道营销通常是废话 - 只有轻信相信未经证实的营销信息。

但是,在VersionTracker评论论坛中,可信度更低First, nearly all the reviews are anonymous; a quick glance through the对Panic's Audion的评论揭示了作者如“Tazintosh”,“SkunkBrand”以及恰如其分的“whothehellareyou”。

真正的批评 - 无论是为了什么软件汽车图书, 要么电影- 取决于一件事:可信性并且在VersionTracker的匿名评论论坛中没有任何可信度。

但是,不仅仅是匿名性使得VersionTracker论坛陷入困境评论本身很可悲他们中的大多数写得不好,拼写错误,并且充斥着技术不准确和错误的逻辑其中过多的人主要关注价格,例如“7up”这个宝石,回顾Bare Bones软件超级获取信息

Damn, pay $20 bucks just to don’t have to type in the shell 2 or 3 commands… This is very stupidFor the newbies, go buy a small UNIX book and btw you gonna learn some useful things; instead of paying for an useless appDamn where gonna go this world.

VersionTracker.com是一个非常有用的网站实际上,它是该网站边栏中列出的仅有的五个新闻网站之一但它有用的是狭隘的:它是一个经常更新的新发布的Mac软件的综合列表用户评论非常糟糕有损from the VersionTracker brand. Ideally, the folks at TechTracker would come to their senses and just remove the user review feature它们没有用处。

Barring that, the best course of action is to ignore them — which, I’m guessing, most of you already do.