Matthew Thomas在基于网络的电子邮件界面上。邮件模型,第1部分

The scenario: A customer calls you to his computer, complaining that the e-mail message he was writing wouldn’t send, and now it has disappeared他无法更详细地解释这个问题。


The underlying design flaw here is the existence of Webmail, trying to put a usable e-mail interface inside a Web browser window.

Webmail and other “Web applications” will always be very difficult to use, relative to native equivalents — because they appear inside a browser window (causing absurdities such as scrolling “Send” buttons), because constant server round-trips to update the UI make them them disgustingly slow and flickery, and because they rely on a platform-independent interface abstraction (HTML forms)Webmail is only as popular as it is (and, indirectly, keeps me employed) because there isn’t a less execrable alternative which provides the same roaming ability.