Mailsmith,iBook和Glider Pro走进酒吧

Neuburg on Mailsmith 2.0

Matt Neuburg为TidBITS写了一篇关于Mailsmith 2.0的热门评论

The fact is, 2.0 is indeed much better; the problematic aspects of 1.5 are now a thing of the pastThe folks at Bare Bones have done a painstaking and thoroughly professional job of revising the program. Menu items and interface elements have been rearranged in a more sensible fashion, threading has been tweaked, just about everything has been sped way up, and bugs have been ruthlessly tracked down and squashedThe result is that Mailsmith 2.0 feels peppy, clean, crisp, and totally reliableWhere I suffered through Mailsmith 1.5’s drawbacks to take advantage of its special strengths, 2.0 is in every respect a delight to use.

iBook Screen Enhancer

When connected to an external display, iBooks are limited to mirroring, whereas PowerBooks can drive an external display in addition to their built-in screens. But recent iBooks are equipped with powerful video cards that are capable of handling multiple displays.


更新: 此页面包含iBook显示补丁的完整详细信息,包括确切哪些iBook型号符合条件的列表 - 以及有关将补丁应用于旧版iBooks的警告(感谢Sven-SPorst,通过电子邮件发送链接。)


约翰卡尔霍恩已经发布了Glider Pro,这是他长期以来最优秀的拖延工具,作为免费软件

自卡萨迪和格林公司破产后,游戏Glider的权利已归还给我,作者为此,Glider PRO和Glider 4.0现已免费,我将在这个网页上免费下载。