OmniWeb 5.0

早在二月,我查看了OmniWeb 5的公开测试版, and I was impressed上个星期,OmniWeb 5.0终于发了。

I’ve been using OmniWeb as my main browser for the last two months (which, obviously, includes the tail end of the beta period), and I’m still impressedFor my overall impressions of the software, the review of the public beta still stands — most of The Omni Group’s work since then has been bug-fixing and performance improvements.

Speaking of which, I complained that the public beta felt somewhat sluggish这已经得到纠正OmniWeb 5.0 still doesn’t feel quite as snappy as Safari or Camino, but it’s fast enough.


  • 拯救国家。OmniWeb saves the state of your entire browsing session when it quitsWhen it relaunch, your windows, tabs, and page contents are restoredEvery browser should work this way. (If for some perverted reason you像这样,它是可选的。)

  • 拖放标签。OmniWeb’s “tabs” are thumbnails in a drawerI happen to prefer this implementation to the traditional bar-of-tabs approach used in other browsers such as Safari and the Mozilla familyThe biggest advantage to Omni’s implementation is that tabs can be dragged — both to rearrange their order within a window, and also to be dragged to other windows.

  • 每站点显示首选项。If you want to change the default font size for a particular site, OmniWeb allows you to do so without changing the default font size for all sitesSame for other display preferences, such as the user agent string OmniWeb uses to identify itself.


现在,坏消息As stated in my public beta review, Omni made an engineering decision to base OmniWeb 5’s rendering engine on the lower-level open sourceWebCore的而不是更高层次的Web工具包

Omni有他们这样做的理由(参见公共测试评论详情)The enormous downside to this decision, however, is that OmniWeb’s rendering capabilities are woefully behind the timesOmniWeb 5.0’s rendering engine is based on WebCore v85, which corresponds to Safari 1.0 from2003年6月The current version of Safari (1.2.3) is based on WebCore v125.9.

Safari 1.0包含一个非常好的,非常强大的渲染引擎But Safari 1.2’s renderer is much better, and much more compatibleWhen web developers test for browser compatibility, they test against the latest version of SafariThis means that some sites that work in Safari 1.2 do not work in OmniWeb 5.0.

一个很好的例子是Gmail的— works great in Safari 1.2, doesn’t work at all in OmniWeb 5.0The Gmail web application depends on features that simply aren’t supported in OmniWeb’s old version of WebCore.

The good news is that OmniWeb 5.1 is slated to include an updated version of WebCoreBut by the time it ships, it might be obsoleted by the next version of WebCoreBecause Omni is customizing WebCore with their own features, it’s not a matter of merely “dropping in” an updated versionThis is exacerbated by the fact that Apple’s engineers did not intend for Mac developers to use WebCore directly — Web Kit is the project that Apple has designed for developers to use easily.

结果是使用OmniWeb需要权衡You get some very nice browser application features, but at the expense of using a slightly outdated and less-compatible rendering engine.

The Omni Group’s challenge is to catch up to the current version of WebCore, and to stay thereBecause other browser developers — like say Safari’s and Camino’s — are surely taking a long look at OmniWeb’s best features.