Gruber for Hire

I’ve been publishing 万博manbetx贴吧 now for a little over two years, and for most of that time, this web site has contained almost zero self-promotionThat has changed in the past few months, with the T-shirts, memberships,赞助商, 现在,再来一件T恤

很少例外, the response from 万博manbetx贴吧’s regular readers has been tremendously supportive and gratifyingI sold many more T-shirts and memberships than I’d expected, and the second batch is selling well tooThe sponsorship venture is going well, too: I’m happy to announce that Defaultware and Cocoatech have joinedJewelboxing作为万博manbetx贴吧赞助商。Defaultware to promote Proteus,他们的多协议即时通讯应用程序,以及Cocoatech推广Path Finder, their powerful file manager / Finder alternative.

Many of you have written with congratulations on my success, and I appreciate it; I get the feeling that a lot of you genuinely understand what I’m hoping to achieve with 万博manbetx贴吧But before we, shall we say, toot each others’ horns, I need to frame just how successful Daring Fireball has become.

The revenue from this web site is well beyond that of a typical weblog — but, it’s way short of a full-time salaryIt’s turned into a very lucrative hobby, but the numbers are still firmly in the “don’t quit your day-job” category.

In my case, the “day-job” is my own self-employed consultancy, working as a web developer, designer, and technical writer.

As for why I have never promoted my services on this web site, all I can offer is that self-promotion does not come naturally to meI’d much prefer to let my work speak for itselfUnfortunately, you can’t pay rent with a well-written weblog, or with consulting services no one is aware of.


I am currently free, where by “free”, I mean under-employed and available您可能考虑与我签约的服务包括:

  • Perhaps most obviously to readers of this web site, I am a technical writer who can present and explain complex subject matter engagingly.

  • I develop web sites using web standards, including extensive experience re-implementing existing tag-soup sites using standards-compliant markup and CSSMy design emphasis is on usability, this very site exemplifies my design aesthetic(Note that I’m happy to develop sites that make use of dark text on light backgrounds.)

  • 我写了Perl和PHP代码,包括获奖experience extending the Movable Type publishing systemIf you’re looking for an MT consultant or custom web-publishing code, I might be able to help.

  • I know a fair amount about Mac OS X, and Mac-specific nerdery such as AppleScript.

While I’m primarily posting this in the hopes of drumming up contract work, I’d also like to hear about interesting and/or lucrative full-time employment如果你正在招聘,我正在听。


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