1. 我还有几十个额外的东西第一次运行
  2. I’ve been getting a steady stream of email from readers asking if they can still buy shirts.

目前的库存将按先到先得的方式发货So if you order quickly, you’ll get one of the remaining shirts from the first runThe rest will require a second printing runWithin the next week or so, I’ll make a last-call announcement before pulling the plug, and I’ll then order the second batch of shirts正如他们在电视上说的那样:现在行动吧

I’ve changed the pricing slightly: the shirts are now $29 USD; shipping within the United States and Canada is free, add $5 for shipping anywhere else in the world(Also note that ladies’ size shirts are no longer available.)

As before, everyone who purchases a shirt also gets a one-year membership to 万博manbetx贴吧额外优惠包括访问权限members-only RSS feeds,还有更多有趣的东西即将推出If you’re a new reader, you can从六月开始阅读原始公告for my thinking behind using a paid membership drive to support 万博manbetx贴吧.



Anyone who has already purchased a 万博manbetx贴吧 membership for $25 is eligible to purchase a shirt at a significant discount:

  • 如果你住在美国或加拿大:6美元。
  • 否则:11美元。

使用会员资格支付适当的金额捐款表格, then send an email tosupport@www.gazogooz.comwith your shirt size and shipping address(You can use this email address for any questions regarding the shirts, as well.) If you purchased a membership for $20.48 during the initial membership drive, you can upgrade by adding $4 to the above prices.

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