• 新的iPod不支持FireWireNot just no FireWire cables in the box; no FireWire, periodSuch is the price of smaller and thinner, I suppose.

  • 最高容量的iPod仍然是60 GBThere certainly exists a market of people who want larger capacity iPods (I know at least four people personally who can’t fit their entire libraries on a 60 GB drive — and I don’t have many friends), but I don’t think Apple sees this as a significant selling pointThinner and lighter seems to be what Apple thinks will sell — and judging by the Nano’s popularity, they’re almost certainly right.

  • The remote jack is gone from the iPods; the only I/O ports are the headphone jack and Dock connector等外围制造商格里芬seem to have been already shifting toward using the Dock connector for things like FM transmitters and voice recorders, but existing peripherals that use the remote jack aren’t going to work.

  • The click wheel on the new iPods looks slightly smaller to me. Combined with the larger screen, this makes it look as though the width and height of the iPod have grown — it looks wider but thinner than previous iPodsBut the height and width are in fact the same as before: 4.1 × 2.4 inches.

  • The gadget is called “Apple Remote”; the software for your Mac is called “Front Row”(即远程本身并不叫前排)。

  • Apple的网站并没有让这个显而易见,而是Apple Remote 单独购买,现价$ 29Shipping in “2–3 weeks”, at this writing, which probably explains why they’re not promoting it as a standalone item yetHowever, “The Apple Remote requires the iPod通用码头和任何带底座连接器的iPod。“

  • 遥控器通过磁力连接到新的iMac。

  • The Apple Remote uses IR to communicate with the Universal Dock, and, I’m guessing, with the iMacBut where is the IR port on the iMac? Part of the built-in iSight? The lack of a visible IR port on the iMac has led some people to speculate that the remote supports Bluetooth, but if that were the case, it ought to work with any Bluetooth-capable Mac.

    更新: Several readers report that the IR sensor is behind the Apple logo on the front of the iMac.

  • Dial-up is dying: the new iMacs no longer ship with built-in modems, or even have the option of a built-in modemInstead, Apple is selling cute little $49 USB modems, if you need one.

  • iTunes 5,我们几乎不认识你I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an entire x.0 version number series go by so quicklyI mean, shit, iTunes 5 was only released one month agoI just can’t see why this isn’t called iTunes 5.1.

  • The full-screen UI of Front Row is just begging to be hooked up to a TV乞讨Now that there exists a “video iPod”, the next new “Apple has to be working on this” mega-rumor is going to revolve around how Apple plans to bring this Front Row UI to your TVWhat’s interesting about this is that while Apple has a reputation for making spectacular announcements, their long-term strategy for a media entertainment platform is unfolding incrementally.

  • $1.99 for each TV show, in only 320 × 240 resolution, doesn’t seem like a good deal to meI already get these shows with my cable TV; paying for them again in a crummy low-res format strikes me as a bad deal — like if you had to pay for songs you already own on CDOf course, I think ringtones sound like a bad deal, too, but people buy billions of them.

  • 还有很多“高清视频年” — 320 × 240 not only isn’t HD, it’s too low to look good on regular (non-HD) TVsIt would appear as though Apple really expects you to watch these shows on the iPod itself.

  • 新的iMac现在配备DDR2 RAM

  • 电池寿命60 GB iPod:20小时的音乐;
    电池续航时间为30 GB iPod:14小时音乐。

  • However, battery life for video playback on the 30 and 60 GB iPods is a mere “up to two hours” and “up to three hours”, respectively. That sounds sort of skimpy to me, but perhaps it’s just a reinforcement of Jobs’s statement that the iPods are still primarily about playing audio.

  • 特技软件已经有一个名为PhotoBooth的Mac实用程序; it’s an app for printing photos它甚至得到一个4-mouse review Macworld

  • Photo Booth (note that Apple’s app has a space in the name) is not available for download; I wish it were available to anyone with an iSightI hope it’s not something they’re reserving for new machines with built-in cameras.

  • I’m sitting here looking at my year-old 40 GB iPod and the thing looks like a relic.

  • itm的电视节目只能在美国使用

  • 许多人认为这是好奇的时候Jon Rubinstein moved from head of Apple’s Mac hardware divisionto lead the newly-created iPod division in May 2004It seemed like a bit of a demotion — as head of the Mac division, Rubinstein oversaw engineering of all Mac hardware, everything from the iMacs to PowerBooks to Power MacsAs head of the iPod division, he’d oversee engineering, of, well, portable FireWire hard drive music players.

    But nobody thinks this is curious or any sort of demotion now — Apple is simply kicking ass with iPod hardware engineeringIn just one year, they’ve dramatically shrunk the thickness, added a larger full color screen, increased capacity, increased battery life, and added photo and video playbackWhich is not even to mention how much better the Nano is than the iPod MiniI’m hard-pressed to think of any other hardware company doing as much innovative product design and engineering as Apple’s iPod division.

  • iTunes 6“LCD”状态显示has switched to a subtle gradient background; in iTunes 5, they used a two-toned “glass” background, which many people found distracting(I didn’t mind it, but the new appearance looks better.)

  • I love the way that the new iPods look like siblings to the iPod Nanos; it always bothered me that the iPod Mini didn’t much resemble the regular white iPods.

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