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  • I was skeptical when I heard the rumors of an “Apple Photo Pro” app, because I thought it unlikely that they’d directly confront the U.S.SPhotoshop中But looking at what Aperture really is, it seems obviousAperture is clearly not a Photoshop killer: it’s not a paint app or design appIt’s targeted specifically and only at photographersIt’s an entire app built around a segment of the Photoshop marketAnd, frankly, it’s hard to imagine that anyone who buys Aperture isn’t also Photoshop user.

  • 苹果Aperture网站部分is gorgeous and very well designed and organizedOne of the best product web sites I’ve ever seen.

  • 快速巡回赛的电影真棒I’ve never seen it in person, but just from watching these movies, I feel like I already “get” Aperture.

  • There’s a lot of R2-D2-esque beeping in the Quick Tour movies, however — beeping and chirping over every thing UI element the mouse moves overI’m not sure whether this is just something added to the Quick Tour movies, or if it’s something you actually get when you use ApertureIf the latter, surely this can be turned off — but my guess is that it’s the former, and these sounds are only present in these demo movies, not the app itself.

  • 结束的时候轮廓of Sports Illustrated photographer Heinz Kluetmeier, talking about the Aperture’s ability to let you tweak and choose between different versions of the same shot, Kluetmeier concludes, “Stanley Kubrick would be jealous.”

  • The Aperture UI is gorgeous, and judging from the tours, quite cleverAnd while as I stated above, it’s not a direct competitor to Photoshop, they’re certainly going to be compared and contrastedIn terms of UI aesthetics, Aperture blows Photoshop awayAperture looks like what Mac apps are going to look like in the future; Photoshop looks like what Mac apps used to look like years ago.

    另一个主要区别是窗口Photoshop, like the entire Adobe line-up, is all about palettesAperture, on the other hand, and like most of the modern Apple line-up, is about one main window, with tools anchored around the sides of the windowI think well-designed single-main-window designs are a better way to implement “workflow” applicationsAperture looks less cluttered than Photoshop.

  • 孔径的版本控制存储指令, not entire files for each versionSo the only file on disk is your original RAW image, and each “version” is a set of instructions applied to the original fileThis both saves space (RAW images are huge) and pretty much guarantees that anything you do in Aperture will never alter or destroy your originals.

  • A big point of Aperture is that it pretty much gets you out of the business of manually managing files by handWith Photoshop, you’re still stuck with doing a bunch of Save As’s to get different versions of the same picture to compare.

  • Apple says Aperture is fast, but at least one way they’ve achieved this is by not allowing it to run on anything other than top-of-the line hardware的推荐系统is a dual-G5 Power Mac running at 2.0 GHz or faster, with at least 2 GB of RAM and a good video card的最低限度requirements are any G5 Power Mac or iMac, or a PowerBook G4 running at 1.25 GHz, and 1 GB of RAM.

  • 如果光圈快,那么为什么iPhoto还那么慢吗?

Power Macs

  • 他们不跟前排。

  • 新的Power Macs有PCI Expressexpansion slots, and aren’t compatible with regular PCI and PCI-X cardsThese moves always raise the hackles of people with major investments in expansion cards that suddenly aren’t compatiblePeople who need PCI-X support can still purchase the single-core dual 2.7 GHz Power Mac G5; on the “选择您的Power Mac G5” Apple Store page, follow the “Need PCI-X?” link at the top of the page.

  • There aren’t any ATI video cards, even as build-to-order options. If you don’t like Nvidia, you’re on your own.

  • 双千兆以太网是标准在整个行Useful for people who want to set these things up as servers.

  • 现在支持多达16 GB的RAMFinally, Power Mac owners with thousands of dollars budgeted for RAM can comfortably open both Safari and iPhoto at the same time.

  • The new Power Mac G5s can drive up to four 30-inch or eight 23-inch Cinema Displays这是一些严重的像素。

  • Not only have the Power Mac G5s still not gotten to 3 GHz, they’re actually further away than before, topping out at 2.5The dual core technology means these are faster machines, but, still, clock speed does matter.

  • mac电脑真的是“职业”的机器For people doing CPU-comprehensive work — photo, audio, and video professionals, for example — and who are using software that has been designed to take advantage of multi-processor architectures, these new Power Macs are probably going to be pretty popular.

    苹果新的Power Mac页面shows some pretty serious improvements in real-world application performanceMost impressively, they claim a76%improvement in Xcode build times compared to a previous-generation dual 2.7 GHz Power MacIf you’ve ever used Xcode, or listened to a developer who does, you’ll realize that there are a lot of Mac developers out there clicking “buy” today.

    But for typical consumer and enthusiast use, I don’t think these are great machines, bang-for-the-buck-wiseThat’s not a complaint — Apple certainly isn’t promoting them as such.


  • 它们也没有Front Row。

  • 我喜欢简化的产品系列Three models: 12-, 15-, and 17-inch, each separated in price by $500, and that’s itNo more decisions about哪一个15-inch PowerBook to get, just pick a size and configure which options you wantThis means, for example, that you get the backlit keyboard with any 15-inch PowerBook; previously you had to order the $2499 model to get the fancier keyboard.

  • Speaking of PowerBook options, there are two different $200 hard drive upgrades: 120 GB at 5400 RPM, or 100 GB at 7200 RPMI’m curious what the trade-off is for the 7200 RPM drive — it’s faster, of course, but also hotter and probably harder on battery lifeBut how much hotter, and how much harder on the battery? I’d love to hear from anyone with an informed opinion on this. (Emphasis on通知, please.) My gut tells me I’d be better off with a 5400 RPM drive.

    更新: Lots of feedback on this, thanks to everyone who wroteThe consensus seems to be that 7200 RPM drives offer a noticable performance difference (duh), and don’t significantly worsen operating temperature or battery lifeThey use more juice while reading and writing than slower drives, but because they’re faster, they spend less time reading and writing, and it more or less evens outThe issue is whether they’re too noisy; some say yes, some say not noticably.

    It would help if Apple would say which brand and model drive you get, but they don’tAll you know is that it’s 100 GB and 7200 RPM这些基准从光秃秃的壮举indicate that 7200 RPM drives are a lot faster, and only ever-so-slightly noisier.

    所以,我现在倾向于获得7200 RPM BTO选项。

  • Speaking of battery life, it’s up an extra hour on each model. That’s not bad, especially considering that display brightness is up, too (46 percent brighter on the 17-inch lunch tray, 20-some percent brighter on the 15-inch).

  • And speaking of displays, the extra pixels on the 15-inch and 17-inch PowerBooks are clearly the most important new features. At what point will UI elements start getting too small, though? I don’t think Apple can squeeze more pixels-per-inch into their displays than this, without supporting scalable UI elements in Mac OS X(Tiger中有这方面的初步支持。)

  • This is no longer surprising, but it’s pretty clear now that there’s never going to be any such thing as a “PowerBook G5”. This is probably true for所有Mac hardware, but the PowerBook was the one line-up where I thought maybe there was a chance for one more major PowerPC-based product update before switching to Intel, simply because the current PowerBook G4 generation has been around for so long.

    第一代铝的PowerBook G4s冲击市场两年多前Even if the PowerBook line switches to Intel (and new form factors) in the middle of 2006, they’ll have been around for three years.

    More so than the new Power Macs, I think these PowerBooks are going to be a real test of the奥斯本效应People who can take advantage of the performance improvements in the new Power Macs won’t even hesitate before buying them — 76 percent improvements in Xcode building, 40 percent improvements in Final Cut Pro rendering — these are significant performance gains. But the improvements in the PowerBook line are relegated mostly to the displays: performance is more or less the same as the last ones.

    我认为他们会出售At the very least, I think they’re going to sell at least one 15-inch PowerBook to meDisplay improvements are no small thing, and if you’re tempted to wait for Intel-based PowerBooks, at this point, I think you might be waiting for a long timeIntel-based PowerBooks certainly aren’t coming “soon”.

  • 12英寸PowerBook仅在名义上进行了修改The screen is the same size and brightness as before, as is battery lifeAll you really seem to get now that you couldn’t get last week is a SuperDrive, standard-issueThe 12-inch still doesn’t even have the backlit keyboard.


  • If you bought a PowerBook or Power Mac within 14 days of yesterday,苹果让你改变你的订单or return it if it was already shipped.

  • Nat Irons的电子邮件:

    I find it interesting that the Apple Store’s product pages aren’t using pop-up menus anymore for BTO options聪明Also, they’ve introduced an Ajax recalculation of price and estimated ship datesIt’s a lovely implementation; turn off JavaScript and you get an “update subtotal” button at the top and bottom of the page.

    What’s curious about Nat’s “no more pop-up menus” observation is that I still see pop-ups when I go to the storeHere’s what I see when I go to configure a PowerBook (click for a larger view):


    And here’s what Nat sees, and what I see when I follow one of the store URLs he gets:


    If anyone can figure out why I’m not getting this new UI by default, let me know(Notes: Nat and I are both using Safari 2.0.1, and both of us have JavaScript turned on.)

    新的Ajax-y配置UI确实很漂亮You can click anywhere in the radio button label text to toggle the buttons, just like a regular radio button elsewhere in the OS(Typically, on web page forms, you’ve got to click exactly in the tiny radio button itself.)

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