回到11月底,我工作的公司,Joyent公司与TextDrive合并,网络托管公司成立by Dean Allen and Jason Hoffman, “run by and for people who love publishing on the web.” From the moment the papers were signed, the combined company has been kicking all sorts of ass.

But these days, most good companies also publish good weblogs, and so I’m happy to introduceJoyeur,Joyent博客

使用Dean自己建造的Textpatternand sporting a resplendent design by our own布莱恩贝尔(who more or less literally inverted the color scheme ofCameron Moll的设计for, Joyeur is going to be rather hard to categorize, content-wise.


What’s going on here? Joyeur is a weblog for those of us in the company — and our friends and family — to air grievances, borrow cups of sugar, sell used VHS cassettes, doodle, eat a peach, plan to the last detail the gradual overthrow of hegemony, cut a rug, and learn from all of you.

That “learn from all of you” part stems from a novel feature called “comments”, which allows readers of the weblog to append brief observations, rebuttals, and questions to each post.

[更新:I just realized that we’ve got Textpattern configured to moderate new comments by default, and but none of us were actually doing any moderatingSo if you left a comment and never saw it appear, sorry for the delay, but it should be published as of now.]

Soon, yes, you’ll see posts on Joyeur regarding Joyent’s products — anything from our user interface decisions to JavaScript or Ruby code snippets is fair game — but you’ll also see things like what’s been posted already, e.g.Dave Young的烤干酪辣味玉米片配方and yours truly’s赞美戴尔的淡啤酒,我最喜欢的啤酒。

And so if you’re interested in what we’re up to and what we’re thinking about, stay tuned.