• 显著提高焦点— Spotlight, as it exists in 10.4, pretty much totally stinksThe user interface stinks, performance stinks, and it’s buggy as hell.

  • 最重要的UI改革自10.0年— I’m not saying it’s going to be a complete visual re-imaging like the transition from Mac OS 9 to 10.0, but in terms of the incremental refinements to Aqua that we’ve seen with each new revision to Mac OS X, I think 10.5 will be the most dramatic. It’s time to zig now that Microsoft is zagging with Vista. They’re going to try to make Vista look as out-of-fashion and goofy and childish as possible(A lot of the things Apple has already moved away from in Aqua have been goofy, ugly, and childish, frankly — how about those stripes in 10.0 and 10.1?)

  • 没有标准的选项卡式文档窗口——很多developers want this, simply because a lot of developers are adding tabbed document windows to their appsBecause there is no standard system-supplied UI for document-window tabs, every developer has to implement their own — and the results vary wildlyHowever, there’s only一个Apple app that uses tabbed document windows: Safari我希望我是错的。

  • 没有选项卡式窗口Finder或iChat——见上图。

  • 新的警报的声音— The old ones are stale, mostly unchanged since 10.0.

  • 在桌面小部件,一些新奇的仪表板api— An attempt to blow away the competing widget implementations from Windows Vista and Yahoo (née Konfabulator)Oh, and I’m guessing Apple will finally release their long-rumored Dashcode widget IDE.