苹果进入了昨天“Showtime”特别活动满怀期望的高度期望首先,整个节目非常多关于电影 - 将重要的电影添加到iPod音乐商店,以高质量的格式提供它们,发布能够播放它们的iPod,并以某种方式将它们放到大多数人家中最大的屏幕上:电视。

请记住,很多人都希望在现实中看到这些公告持续年度iPod / iTunes特别活动为了实现这一飞跃,为了开始他们的数字电影与数字音乐所做的努力,Apple需要克服以下所有问题,几乎所有这些问题:

  • 带宽和存储对比保真度— Higher quality video takes longer to download and requires significantly more space to store on your hard driveLast year they drew the line at 320 x 240 resolution H.264-encoded video for their TV showsThat’s perfect for fifth-generation iPods, which sport 320 × 240 pixel screensThat’s far from perfect for computer displays (the smallest display Apple has sold in recent years is 1024 × 768, and their smallest current display is the 1280 × 800 on the 13-inch MacBook) and even worse for big-screen TVs.

    Increasing the resolution, however, increases download time, increases the amount of space they take up on disk, and increases Apple’s not-insignificant bandwidth bill.

  • iPod限制— Last year’s original video-playing 30 GB iPods were advertised as offering two hours of battery life, but everyone I know who owns one says they get lessYou can’t sell two-hour movies to play on a device that only gets 90 minutes of battery lifeBut people are also clamoring for bigger iPod screens — which would consume更多battery power. Screen size (and brightness) are in direct opposition to longer battery life.

  • 电影工作室— The studios control the rights to their movies, and Apple needs their permission and agreement with regard to usage rightsThe problem is that most film industry executives, much like their counterparts in the music industry, would seemingly prefer to see this whole “Internet downloads and digital media” thing just go away, so that they can just keep making money in the future the exact same way they’re making it todayTheir sense of entitlement regarding the preservation of the status quo is such that, when faced with any technology that threatens to upset it, no matter how cool, how clever, how convenient it might make things for us, their customers, they attempt to legislate it out of existence or to encumber it with odious DRM restrictionsTheir initial resistance to the home video revolution two decades ago was as futile as their resistance to the download revolution today.

    Apple, on the other hand, has always been in the business of embracing new technology, and of making new products and services that make their customers happyThere’s nothing unique about this — that’s more or less whatcompanies, of any size, are trying to do, unless they’re part of a cartel or hold a monopolyBut Apple is so good at it that their customers are on the company’s side — Mac users are famous (and/or infamous) for outright生根for the company, as though it were a sports team or a favored political partyThe mainstream corporate music industry, as represented by the RIAA, sees its customers as an enemy, as a horde of dishonest would-be thieves. The film (and TV) industry isn’t quite in that position, but then neither is their DVD revenue stream nearly as threatened by casual bootlegging as is the music industry’s CD businessAt least not yet但他们(即the film industry) certainly seem more aligned to the RIAA’s line of thinking than to Apple’s.1In short, they want higher prices and more stringent, if not outright odious, DRM restrictions; Apple wants lower, flatter prices, and more liberal usage rights.

昨天的公告非常接近满足所有这些期望They haven’t performed any miracles — the new iPods don’t have larger screens; the new iTunes movie store debuted with only 75 titles, all from Disney; and the long-awaited missing link to the TV isn’t shipping until next year — but it was clearly an auspicious start to Apple’s inevitable entry into the movie business.


At the WWDC keynote a month ago, Steve Jobs delegated much of the presentation to three of his top lieutenants: Phil Schiller introduced the Mac Pros, Scott Forstall introduced and demoed many of the new features coming in Mac OS X 10.5, and Bertrand Serlet did all the Microsoft bashing这一点 - 再加上华盛顿的乔布斯,很多人都没有充分热情,似乎已经失去了一些体重 - 推测他病了,这是一个可怕的想法,因为他最近回应了一种罕见但可治疗的胰腺癌理论是他病得太重或太累不能完成整个主题演讲,和/或他开始为公司演员的角色培养潜在的接班人。2这个谣言有足够的腿,苹果公司发表声明称“史蒂夫的健康状况很强劲”,这很好,但没有解释标签团队WWDC的主题演讲。


乔布斯非凡的营销精明和着名的现实扭曲领域让一些人的印象是他是一个才华横溢的法学家但这是错的 - 在我看来,乔布斯是一个可怕的骗子和一个可怜的演员当他能够让人们相信那些不真实或夸大事实的事情时,那是因为他相信他在说什么The reality distortion field isn’t something he projects willfully; it’s an extension of his own certainty记得他去年的舞台演示摩托罗拉RokriTunes-compatible phone? His contempt for the device was palpable; when he failed to successfully switch from song playback to accept a call, he seemed poised to just toss the thing off-stage and cry out that it was a piece of garbage.


然而,昨天的“Showtime”活动是另一回事把这个作为乔布斯舞台上人才的首要例子与上个月WWDC的不同之处在于,这些产品已经完成,已经被提升以满足乔布斯无可挑剔的标准iTV演示显然是一个例外,但它是一个独特的案例无论几个月的发货日期是什么原因,我都不认为Apple现在真的想展示它Vaporware pre-announcements distract customers from currently available products, but in this particular case I think Apple felt they had to reveal this now, because if they hadn’t, the lack of an answer to the “But how do I play these videos on my TV?” question would have been更多从昨天的iPod和iTunes公告中分散注意力而不是iTV的软件宣布。

iPod / iTunes帝国的状态


  • 苹果声称美国有88%的非盗版音乐下载4

  • 在美国销售的2007年款车型中有70%have available iPod connectivity不是“MP3播放器”连接。iPod的连接。Note to Jobs: Send nice Christmas presents to the engineers who came up with the proprietary iPod dock connector port.

  • 450,000 Nike + iPod Sport Kits have been sold in fewer than 90 days不是Nike + MP3播放器运动套件耐克+iPod的.

  • The iTunes Store is the fifth-largest music reseller in the U.S., and expects to pass Amazon early next year, at which point they’ll trail only Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Target.

  • 到目前为止,苹果已售出15亿首歌曲。

Apple的iPod / iTunes平台最引人注目的是它的增长速度这些年度iPod / iTunes特别活动获得了巨大的轰动,当之无愧,但它实际上只是一个又一个小的进化步骤。

它始于无非售价399美元的5 GB Mac专用MP3播放器和一个Mac专用的自动点唱机应用程序然后他们正式支持Windows,尽管没有iTunes,并且仅适用于配备FireWire的PC然后iTunes音乐商店,仍然只有Mac然后是Windows版的iTunes扩展到iPod系列:Mini然后是照片和彩色屏幕随机播放然后,一年前,Nano和视频iPod而且,现在,经过一年销售30分钟和60分钟的电视节目,功能长度的电影走路,跑步,跑步。

稳定,持续的改进和扩展,一步一步 - 现在它是一个剑圣iPod和iTunes展示了首次进入市场的好处Apple has had the benefit getting to this point slowly but surely; anyone who wants to compete with them now is forced to try to赶紧赶上或者解决just one piece馅饼。

  1. This strikes me as a major source of Microsoft’s current corporate malaise: they seem more interested in trying to make sure they keep making gobs of money from Office and Windows than in trying to make new stuff that makes people happyAnd their only recent new crowd-pleaser, the Xbox, is, to date, a money-loser. ↩︎

  2. Forstall? Definite potentialSchiller? MaybeBut Serlet? As charming-in-the-way-that-only-a-French-accent-provides as his WWDC appearances are, there’s no way anyone can think he’s up for the job of company showman. ↩︎

  3. 我认为这对于乔布斯的Spaces WWDC演示来说尤为明显There was a sardonic “Eh, here’s one for all you Unix nerds out there” tone to his Spaces demo, as though right there on stage he was having second thoughts about having relented on what I’ve heard was his initial desire to kill this feature entirely. ↩︎

  4. 一个有趣的推论是eMusic的,从独立唱片公司出售非受DRM保护的MP3文件,占市场份额的11%这似乎没有给Windows Media DRM音乐留下太多空间Because eMusic’s downloads are just plain MP3 files, they’re fully compatible with iTunes and iPods. ↩︎

  5. 记得捆绑版MusicMatch? And the separate SKUs for the Windows-compatible iPods? How crazy does that seem now? ↩︎