Macworld Expo 2007年预测

Here are my predictions for what is going to be announced in the keynote, ranked roughly in order of significance, not likelihoodMy gut feeling is that this is going to be a big one.

  • 新的用户界面主题替换Aqua 10.5— The Aqua theme is now 6 years old, which is a longer lifespan than that of the Platinum theme from Mac OS 8 and 9I expect to see big changes, not the sort of refinements we’ve seen in previous major Mac OS X updatesAt a technical level, the new UI will be resolution independentAt a design level, it will elicit both a lot of love and a lot of hate, just like Aqua did in 10.0The subtext will be to make Windows Vista look dated before it even ships to consumers.

  • iPod的手机——即使只是几天前, I did not expect to see Apple announce a phone this weekBut over the weekend I flip-flopped, and I now think it’s more likely than notNot a VOIP phone that depends on Wi-Fi or anything like that, but an honest-to-god mobile phoneIt seems like there has to be some sort of “Wow, I thought maybe Apple would announce a phone but I didn’t think they’d do it like!” factor, but damned if anyone knows what it is. My wild unlikely-but-wouldn’t-it-be-cool-as-shit guess: that it’s not aniPodphone, but rather the introduction of a new mobile device OS.

  • 新的MacBook Pro形式因素— Good-bye, anodized Aluminum, hello something new that plays off the design cues of the new Mac OS X user interface mentioned aboveThe red/yellow/green/blue candy-colored transparent elements of Aqua resemble the hardware from the old G3 iMacs and Power MacsThe aluminum PowerBooks (and, now, MacBook Pros) are the hardware counterpart to good old Brushed Metal windows. Apple’s new machines are going to be designed to look best running the new user interface.

  • 新微型汽车苹果笔记本电脑— It’s currently a gaping hole in their notebook line-upLook for it to be a “pro” model, in terms of both price and industrial design (i.elooking like a smaller sibling to the afore-predicted new MacBook Pros, not the MacBooks.) Could be the “One More Thing”.

  • 绝对不涉及“平板电脑”这个词

  • iTV, Along With Apple-Branded Flat Screen TVs With iTV Built-In— Why settle for selling a $299 TV peripheral when you can sell two- or three-thousand-dollar TVs with iTV built-in? Also, my guess is that the guts of iTV consist of a Mac Mini-like computer running a specialized version of Mac OS X我这样说,尽管同意Steven Frank’s rule of thumbthat rumors which contain the phrase “stripped-down version of Mac OS X” are almost certainly false.

  • 双四核Mac优点— Now that Intel has officially announced their Core 2 Quad processors, this one almost seems like a gimme, but I called for it上周,太。

  • 演示的Adobe Photoshop CS3β— Running sickeningly fast on a new eight-core Mac ProMaybe demos of other heretofore unseen Adobe CS3 apps, too.

  • 警察从微软的Mac布鲁里溃疡— She’ll tell us how well the new universal binary versions of the Office apps are coming along, but no demo.

  • 07年更新套装和iLife套件。这就更令人惊讶如果套件没有更新我呼吁iWork的电子表格去年今年,我将做同样的事情。

  • 基于802.11 n的机场高速——也seems like a gimme, but included here for the sake of completenessI expect to see 802.11n Wi-Fi in all Macs and in the iTV.

  • 绝对不涉及“股票期权回溯”这个词