SXSW 2007:独立开发者的设计美学


SXSW is the only conference I know where designers and developers hang out设计师有设计会议Developers have nerd conferencesSXSW has somehow convinced both parties to head to Austin and actually talk to each other.

设计师和开发人员存在基本的利益冲突They both believe that they are the only parties on the organizational chart who build real stuffActually, everyone on the organizational chart believes that, but the designers and the developers are the only ones who actually do build real things. SORRY SALES.

这是引入专家组的一个很好的方式Rands将在下个月在SXSW主持:独立开发者的设计美学面板上已有Nick Bradbury(Windows开发人员,HomeSite,TopStyle和FeedDemon的创建者),Shaun“Mint”Inman,以及你的真实我对小组创意的一个经验法则是,它听起来像是一个可以整天讨论的话题这是其中一个想法。

Anyway, so (a) if you’re going to SXSW, keep your Tuesday morning free; and (b) we’re still looking for an indie Mac developer to fill out the panel — feel free to make your suggestions in the comments on Rands’s post or via email.