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因此,华尔街日报今天由杰西卡·E撰写了一篇报道Vascellaro和Nick Wingfield关于iPhone缺乏对专有Microsoft Exchange电子邮件服务器的支持1

While iPhones can be used for email, for now, many businesses don’t plan to sync them with internal email systems that use technology from BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd., Microsoft Corp和摩托罗拉公司旗下的Good TechnologyThat means many iPhone users won’t be able to directly send and receive messages through their corporate email systems, although they may be able to forward their work emails through a third-party service like AOL or Yahoo Mail.



One way Apple could make it easier for corporate users would be to license software from Microsoft or Research In Motion for their devices that would allow them to act like virtual BlackBerrys or Windows Mobile devices.

这个建议并不是为了让企业更容易用户; this is about making it easier for corporate IT departments that have chained themselves to Exchange.


但是先生Saxton-Getty says he is worried that “rogue” employees may figure out ways to route their corporate emails to their iPhone. “I am getting a lot of push back, and people saying they are just going to go get it on their own,” he says, adding that an employee asks him about the iPhone and whether the company will support it about every hour.


A business email system can use a popular email standard known as IMAP to sync with an iPhoneWhile many large companies have the ability to activate IMAP, they have chosen not to because they are worried about exposing their mail servers to the public.


自我重要的IT专家将继续坚持认为iPhone“必须”或“需要”支持“商业软件系统”,但与此同时,他们的员工将自己购买iPhone。毫无疑问,当IT吹风机解雇iPhone因为它没有与“商业软件系统”集成时,他们的意思是ExchangeApple’s answer to the enterprise “problem” isn’t to kowtow to the Microsoft Exchange hegemony; it’s to point in the opposite direction, and show how much better things can be with open industry protocols like IMAP and的CalDAV以及简单的基于Web的解决方案。


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