Apple Cynic Watch:Slate的Jack Shafer

Slate的媒体评论家杰克·谢弗(Jack Shafer)在“Apple Suck-Up Watch“媒体对苹果公司有着愚蠢的暗恋,并已付出并继续过度关注他们的产品。


The press largely ignored the fact that video-capable MP3 players already existed and treated Steve Jobs as if he was the reincarnation of Thomas Edison.



So calculated is Apple’s launch that it got news bumps early this week with the announcement that the iPhone电池will last three hours longer than originally promised and that it will playYouTube的剪辑No drop of milk oozes from the Apple teat without a crowd of journalists gathering to swallowing it up.

电池新闻中,苹果的股价飙升了4美元Was that a result of the press coverage, too? Three additional hours of battery life is a significant difference.

Like the video iPod before it, the iPhone isn’t the first to market in its categoryHelio的“海洋” beat it by more than a month and received a积极的评论from the Wall Street Journal’s Walter S莫斯伯格The Ocean is $200 cheaper than the cheapest iPhone and it does GPS, while the iPhone doesn’tPhone tech and design are moving so fast these days that the media freakout over the iPhone indicates a press in need of imagination — or swift kick in the ass from some editors.

海洋确实看起来像一个很酷的手机But does Shafer really want to get into a pissing match feature comparison between the iPhone and Ocean? And regardless of features, was anyone lined up or camped out to buy an Ocean the day it became available? Did anyone even know what day it became available? People aren’t just aware of whatiPhone开始销售,他们知道小时当然,原来的iPhone完全有可能令人失望但是,不可能争辩说有这样的手机首次亮相这是一个真实的现象What is Shafer’s argument? That the press should忽视the fact that hundreds of thousands (millions?) of people are going to line up hoping to buy an iPhone at 6pm on the first day it’s available? Is it not possible that the iPhone值得巨大的媒体关注?