举个例子,他们对iPhone的报道声称售价599美元的8GB iPhone需要花费280美元才能生产这方面的一个问题是他们发布了这份报告在一月,不是基于真实iPhone的拆卸,而是基于它们的基础在里面。

In early July, they took some actual iPhones apart, and, surprise surprise, concluded they were pretty much spot-on back in January, with Apple earning margins of 55 percent圣克雷斯金


And that uncomfortable “ripped-off” feeling could well be exacerbated by new estimates released by iSuppli.

Margins on the device are running at an astonishing 55 per cent compared to below 30 per cent for most other smartphonesAn analysis of the $599 iPhone indicates a manufacturing cost of $265.83 per unit although the factoring in of royalty payments and delivery logistics would increase that figure.

沃里克从一个句子中引用数字作为估计,转而将其作为下一个事实But we do not know that iPhone margins are 55 percent; what we know is that iSuppli, a company with no relationship to Apple whatsoever,索赔Apple的iPhone利润率为55%。



  • Apple, as required by law, states their gross margins in their financial statements each quarterFor the past few years, these numbers have typically ranged from about 25 to 30 percentBut iSuppli has been claiming margins in excess of 50 percent for Apple’s most popular products for years. E.g.他们去年九月的主张that the then-new $199 4 GB iPod Nanos cost just $72 to produce, generating 64 percent marginsIt’s true that Apple, in its quarterly statements, does not break down its margins product-by-productAnd yes, in the 2007 Q3 results Apple issued yesterday, gross margin increased to an impressive 36 percentBut iSuppli has been claiming higher-than-50-percent margins on iPods for years, and Apple’s financial statements simply don’t back this.

  • It’s also the case that margins tend to go up over time, as a product goes from new to old80 GB hard drives, for example, almost certainly cost Apple less today than they did when they were first released去年九月But iSuppli does its tear-downs when these products are new, and Apple’s margins are at their lowest.

  • The total cost of a product’s physical components is not the total cost to produce the finished productBuild quality, packaging, shipping, warranty costs — none of these are taken into consideration by iSuppli.

  • 他们的一些数字只是凭空而来The most precious iPhone ingredient, for example, is its software. Give some other company all of the physical components of an iPhone for the exact prices iSuppli quotes and tell them to produce an iPhoneWhere would the software come from? Yet in iSuppli’s初步的iPhone报告, there’s this delightful line item:

    操作系统 - OSX:7.00美元

我对会计知之甚少,但我认为iPhone的操作系统和应用软件的开发算作研发,其费用与单位物理组件不同。但无论如何,iSuppli的7美元数字纯属无稽之谈试着打电话给Apple并告诉他们你想为你即将上市的新手机获得OS X许可证,每个单元7美元这没有任何意义,但却完全掩盖了iPhone最大的竞争优势。