Scott Moritz和TheStreet.com的百万iPhone La-La Land


Apple shares took a 3% dip Tuesday amid speculation about a cut in production of the trendy iPod-inspired phoneThe chatter that sent the stock down was that Apple was reducing its production of iPhones from “9 million units to 4.5 million units,” according to a note from the stock trading desk at Miller Tabak & Co.

苹果是否真的减少了iPhone的生产订单,我不知道(But I suspect if they did, the news would be unlikely to reach Wall Street — bad news seems even less likely to leak than good news, and Apple rarely leaks these days.) But, regardless whether it’s true, the rumor alone sent AAPL shares down, and it’s certainly worth reporting what the rumor was.

更新:它结束了米勒塔巴克的“笔记”也不存在Miller Tabak的分析师Peter Boockvar,告诉AppleInsider,“无视它今天苹果没有备注这是纯粹的噪音。“莫里茨在TheStreet.com上发布的内容是错误的。


The hotly anticipated iPhone generated a great deal of attention and initial sales were briskBut as reported, the demand was less than some had anticipatedPeople familiar with the company said at the time that Apple were prepared to sell out the 1 million phones it had ready for its weekend debut.

Is it possible that Apple executives had secretly hoped for or even expected an even stronger demand for iPhones over the opening weekend? Sure但是他们有可能预计会出售一百万个吗?没有。