Arik Hesseldahl在《商业周刊》,“为什么AT&T可能大幅度折价iPhone":

The big thing about the next iPhone was supposed to be high-speed Internet access and tools for business.

Says who? I know, everyone with even a single toe dabbled in gadget-blogging is calling the next-gen iPhone the “3G iPhone”, but when has speculation ever accurately predicted next-generation iPods? 3G networking could well be the至少关于下一代iPhone硬件的酷炫之处


Instead, it’s looking like iPhone 2.0 is all about price and that ever-awkward relationship between Apple and AT&T.


So after a year of charting a new wireless business model by selling the vaunted iPhone at premium prices, the nation’s biggest phone company may resort to the oldest trick in the cellular book: big discounts.

你真的觉得AT&T的任何人都看过或知道有关下一代iPhone的细节,因为他们在Macworld Expo首次亮相之前首先关注的是原版iPhone吗?

Although it has sent millions of new customers AT&T’s way, this unique market advantage known as the iPhone will only last so longWith every passing month, rival device makers are introducing new handhelds that attempt to replicate the wide array of innovations — starting with sheer simplicity — that Apple used to rock the wireless world less than a year agoNone of these new phones has duplicated Apple’s formula for success yet, but it may be only a matter of time.


Published reports that first appeared on the Web site of Fortune Magazine [SIC] suggest that AT&T, which has an exclusive five-year deal to sell the iPhone in the U.S., is prepared to subsidize the device by as much as $200, slicing the purchase price as low as $199 for customers who sign a two-year service contract.

不,它没有发表报告,复数这是发表报告,奇异由斯科特·莫里茨所有其他关于这个声称的200美元AT&T iPhone补贴的报道是基于Moritz的财富报告 - 没有其他来源或原始报告来证实这个补贴故事。



At last count, Apple had sold some 5.4 million units, the vast majority of them for AT&T’s network, even with price tags of $400 to $600 — essentially unheard of in the U.S细胞市场。


Yet with rival smartphones like Research In Motion’s BlackBerry and a new Palm Treo selling for as little at $99 at some carriers, competitive pressures are building.


AT&T brings in about $90 a month from each iPhone user, reckons John Hodulik, analyst with UBS Investment Research (UBS).


“When Apple cut the price on the iPhone by 33% earlier this year, it stimulated demand,” he says“If this new price turns out to be true, it would do it again这就像再次出现似曾相识。“


本文以猜测下一代iPhone硬件,如果它被称为除了“iPhone”,可能苹果的iPhone“排他性管辖范围之外的处理美国电话电报公司(AT&T)即现有的交易可能只覆盖原来的iPhone,苹果是免费购物即将到来的“iPhone Pro /迷你/纳米/ Steampunky老Timey手机/不管”到其他运营商(两天前,我在思考类似的问题在Twitter上。)


There’s also been speculation, considered unlikely, that AT&T might be floating the idea of an iPhone subsidy to reinforce its marriage with a partner as notoriously slippery and heavy-handed as Apple.


补贴工作当他们只出售结合为期两年的合同它的可能的that Apple could do the same, and sell subsidized AT&T-contract iPhones in Apple Stores, but that would mean abandoning the innovative (and very appealing, very successful) model of activating a new iPhone at home, via iTunes, rather than sitting around in a store for 45 minutes making uncomfortable small talk with a salesman while waiting for your credit check and your old phone number to transfer over.