iPhone developers Craig Hockenberry (Twitterrific) and Fraser Speirs (Exposure, a Flickr client) wrote two interesting pieces last week on the design and scope of iPhone software, and both touched on the part of any design process that is the hardest to write about: conception.

两者都提到了iPhone UI设计的基本规则我上个月提出了弄清楚你需要做的绝对最少的事情来实现这个想法,做到这一点,然后从经验中消除地狱。


从第一天开始,我们就试着这样做了And it turns out that “doing as little as possible” was one of our greatest challenges. (I’m using the plural pronoun here because the interface design was a team effort.)

To achieve this goal, you have to find the “nut” of your application定义你正在做什么的东西Even more targeted than John Geleynse’s “application definition statement.” Something that you think of each time you start up Xcode, or every time you answer a customer email, or when you’re planning features for a new release[...]



我并不反对任何这一点I’ve just found that the definition of “the absolute least” is highly elastic.

Flickr is a big site, with tons of features and the best site API on the internet (argue with me on that if you like, but Flickr seriously dogfood their own API, which is not true everywhere)Even having been deeply involved with Flickr as a third-party developer for over four years now, I still find that I’m surprised by the disparate ways that people use Flickr[...]

In such a large and complex site as Flickr, with so many possible use cases, the question of which features constitute a minimum set is really quite tricky, and the “minimum” set isn’t the same as “small”Exposure certainly doesn’t cover the entire Flickr APIFor example, you can’t edit the metadata on a photo. You can’t join groupsIn general, account management is not broadly supported.

作为一个整体,Twitter是一种几乎狂热的极简主义服务您发布了140个字符的消息,并且您阅读了您选择关注的人的消息就是这样But even given how little there is to Twitter as a service, there are different nuts to choose from, and we’re already seeing wildly varying UI designs in iPhone client software不只是客户如何, but the entire interaction model.

Twitter客户可能是iPhone UI设计案例研究的理想模型如果Twitter客户端变得如此多样化,很容易看出在更大的问题领域(例如,Flickr客户端软件)中,可能性变得令人生畏。1





  1. 这是Mac上某些应用类别的真正耻辱,无论出于何种原因,竞争不再存在There are so many different ways one could design an email app (to take but one example), but the only two serious IMAP clients in active development are Apple Mail and Entourage. ↩︎

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