Apple, which of course makes the signature multi-touch mobile device, the iPhone, apparently asked Google not to implement it, and Google agreed, an Android team member tells us.

Further, the Android team member went on to say that they were relieved that Google didn’t go against Apple’s wishes, given the legal storm that appears to be brewing between Apple and Palm, which is using multi-touch technology in its new Pre phoneEven if Apple ultimately decides not to pursue legal action against Palm (it’s not yet clear how likely that is, but Apple does have an impressive array of patents), the situation has likely soured the relationship between the two companiesGoogle, it seems, wants no part in ruining its relationship with Apple.

这与我几个月前在Apple工作的消息来源听到的一个故事相吻合,谷歌向Apple展示了HTC G1的预发布原型,专门用于避免与专利相关的纠纷根据我的消息来源,除了多点触控外,Apple反对的另一个功能是使用标准耳机插孔Apple显然拥有使用标准3.5mm耳机插孔连接的按钮控制软件的专利(至少用于音乐和视频播放控制),并且不会授予Google专利许可因此G1使用专有的ExtUSB端口而不是标准的3.5mm耳机插孔。

我的消息来源的信息是第三手的,我发现谷歌会在发布之前向Apple展示G1有点难以置信,所以我没有发布它(你知道苹果公司没有办法向谷歌发布预发布的iPhone硬件或软件 - 那么谷歌为什么会这样做呢?)但现在西格勒有一个“Android团队成员”讲述类似的故事。


While the connection between Apple and Palm would seem like it should be strong, given how many former Apple employees now work at Palm, Google and Apple are actually more alignedNot only does Google specially tailor a ton of its products for the iPhone (both with apps like Maps and Google Search, and specially formatted webpages), but its chief executive, Eric Schmidt, is on Apple’s board of directorsAnd don’t underestimate the fact that both share a chief rival: Microsoft.

谷歌和苹果确实有一种血缘关系They compete very little overall — Apple makes money by selling computing hardware products; Google makes money through search advertisingAndroid-vs.-iPhone操作系统是最大的例外,施密特曾表示过他回避与iPhone有关的问题在Apple董事会会议上But Google did not write the iPhone’s built-in Maps or YouTube apps; Apple did谷歌和苹果公司在某种程度上合作了这些应用程序如何与谷歌的后端对话,但iPhone应用程序本身是由Apple设计和编写的谷歌自己的iPhone应用程序,如谷歌搜索应用程序,具有明显的谷歌美学。

与Siegler不同,我认为现在大量最近在Palm on the Pre工作的Apple员工表明两家公司之间的关系很冷 - 冰冷我上个月在Macworld Expo上听到的是,Palm为苹果公司的工程师提供了直接报价,其起薪为目前Apple薪水的1.5倍更明显的是,Palm的核心业务 - 销售手持计算硬件 - 直接与Apple的核心业务竞争。

我不会屏息等待Palm首席执行官Ed Colligan或前苹果高级副总裁乔恩鲁宾斯坦获得Apple董事会席位。