Apple Netbook索赔杂烩


2008年10月14日,CrunchGear的Doug Aamoth:“为什么苹果上网本不费吹灰之力的五个原因“:

When asked today about the possibility of an Apple netbook, Steve Jobs said something to the effect of, “The market is just getting started — we’ll see how it goes.”

Huh? Here’s how the netbook market’s going, Steve: pretty much every major computer company has a netbook but youApple’s a prime candidate for a netbook, too.

2009年1月20日,福布斯的Brian Caulfield:“Apple的真正问题:上网本

The real problem is how Apple’s portfolio of expensive gear — particularly notebooks — will fare as the recession starts to bite.

2009年1月21日,Brian X.连线小工具实验室的陈:“苹果仍然不喜欢上网本的机会”令人惊讶的是,十个月后,他们仍然同样无视。

2009年3月18日,PC World的Shane O'Neill:“经济衰退为Windows PC带来了生命,因为Apple Airps for Air“:

At this point, I’m going to stop asking when Apple will acknowledge these dark days we live in because I think the answer is never也许Apple应该只是一个牛市公司When times are lean, it should pack up like a traveling carnival or disappear like a baseball team in winter and not come back until everybody’s rich and happy again.

2009年3月24日,TheStreet.com的Scott Moritz:“Apple的Netbook Foray Will Flop

Nonetheless, design hubris and slumping sales will cause Apple to tap a hot segment of computer market.


2009年8月19日,The Apple Blog的Charles Moore:“缺乏上网本,价格在今年的返校市场中伤害苹果”这将是刚刚结束的返校时期,苹果以平均1265美元的价格销售230万台笔记本电脑。

正如Jason Snell所说想象一下,如果只有上网本,苹果可能会损失多少钱。

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