iPhone Web Apps作为App Store的替代品

Peter-Paul Koch(一位长期,备受推崇的Web标准和渲染引擎兼容性专家)强烈建议那些希望为iPhone编写软件的开发人员应该跳过App Store并编写经过iPhone优化的Web应用程序他的文章,也许是因为措辞如此强烈,似乎使得回应两极分化像往常一样,事实就在中间。


In order to release an iPhone application without having to submit it to Apple’s insane App Store process, developers could just use Web technologies and create Web apps instead of native apps.



I reviewed the apps I have on my iPhone, and most can be released as a Web app马上The exceptions are complex games that are both graphically and programmatically intensive, and apps that depend on device functions such as the accelerometer or GPS.

As I said, Safari supports geolocation, and maybe Apple is working on other device APIsThat would solve all problems for the second categoryComplex games will remain very hard to release as a Web app in the near future.

Still, the graphically simple games such as sudoku and chess, the interactive shopping lists, the dictionaries and bible citation apps, the beer appreciation apps, the firmware Yahoo weather app, and most importantly所有social network clients could have been written as a Web app without any loss of quality whatsoever(Most have fairly little quality to lose in any case.)


任何人都无法编写一个效果与其他顶级原生iPhone Twitter客户端一样好的iPhone网络应用程序你(们)能做到一个iPhone Twitter客户端作为Web应用程序你甚至可以做一个一事实上,迪恩罗宾逊没有- 它被称为Hahlo这是一个很好的iPhone Twitter客户端这是一个网络应用程序它也比任何流行的本地iPhone Twitter客户端更慢,更不优雅,更有用。

使用Flickr,情况会更糟仅查看现有的Flickr内容,Flickr自己的内容m.flickr.com网站很棒但你不能写一个iPhone网络应用程序Flickr客户端,让你上传新的照片或视频这在技术上是不可能的,因为iPhone Web应用程序无法访问设备的图像库或相机。

The argument that you can make iPhone web apps that are “good enough” misses the entire point of iPhone apps — the entire point of the iPhone itself, even — all of the things that drive Twitter users to pay $3, $4, or $5 for apps that do the same things that can be done for free by loading Twitter’s web site in MobileSafari“Good enough” is not good enough on the iPhone.

有一个严重的狗食因素正在上映Apple自己的iPhone OS应用程序是使用Cocoa Touch编写的我能想到的唯一一款来自Apple的iPhone网络应用程序是RSS阅读器reader.mac.com,只有域名告诉你该应用程序对Apple的重要性。


Apple’s original plan for iPhone development was to use Web technologiesThis plan caught both Mac developers and Web developers by surprise because it was totally unexpected.

计划失败了Jobs Himself ordered His developers to create Web applications with Web standards, but a deafening silence ensued. Then He hurriedly thought up the App StoreToo hurriedly, as it now turns out.

我无法证明这不是真的但我的理论一直都是那苹果的最初“甜言蜜语“对于第三方iPhone开发 - 只是编写网络应用程序 - 从未打算作为长期解决方案我认为计划总是允许最终的原生Cocoa Touch开发,我认为没有任何关于它的匆忙我认为原始iPhone首次亮相和SDK发布之间的延迟仅仅是因为SDK尚未在2007年6月准备好每个关注iPhone OS 1.x越狱开发的人都注意到Cocoa Touch API发生了变化显著在iPhone OS 1.0和2.0之间。

但最好的证明是我上面指出的:Apple本身几乎没有创建iPhone网络应用程序成功的iPhone开发人员不只是想编写适用于iPhone的软件他们想为iPhone编写与Apple一样好的软件今天,这意味着使用Cocoa Touch和原生SDK。

当您为iPhone编写Cocoa Touch应用程序时,您不是从头开始您将从Cocoa Touch框架开始正如FarukAteş精明地指出的那样在他对科赫的回应中,打折框架就是打折将iPhone与开发平台区分开来的一切本地iPhone应用程序不仅比其Web应用程序更快,更强大,而且更容易编写。

这可能会改变A combination of increasing CPU performance, further improvements to WebKit and the Nitro JavaScript interpreter, more RAM, and additional web app capabilities in the iPhone OS (things like access to the camera and image library) could, combined, make for a future where some types of iPhone web apps aren’t just “good enough” but are truly indistinguishable from native Cocoa Touch apps硬件性能的提升是不可避免的,但Apple是否会为Web应用程序提供更深入,更重要的iPhone OS特定挂钩还有待观察我希望他们这样做我认为这对每个人都有好处 - 苹果,开发者和iPhone用户 - 如果不受限制的网络应用程序成为限制App Store的重要替代品但争辩他们已经存在并不值得信赖。1

  1. 但即便如此,在这个假设的未来,iPhone优化的网络应用程序也会如此仍然缺乏App Store提供的商务功能Web app developers can charge for subscriptions to their software, sure — but it would be difficult to match the App Store in terms of the “just click ‘Buy’ and type your iTunes password” experience. ↩︎