我尽力避免在这里为我的作品写出耸人听闻的头条新闻。1我滑了一跤,虽然,我在Android和iOS应用程序之间的差异市场两个星期前“Android Killer应用程序在哪里?“太广泛这意味着没有任何第三方对Android的“杀手锏”,这不是真的,它分散了我试图制造的观点。



At this point, I’m guessing, Android fans are ready to exclaim that the fact that Android supports things like home screen replacements (or other system-level tools, such as touchscreen keyboard replacements) — and that iOS does not — is precisely why they prefer Android, and/or consider iOS to be an unacceptable toy, or what have youBut, again, that’s not the argument I’m makingI’m talking about third-party developer exclusives — and the only ones Android has are ones that Apple doesn’t want.

许多Android支持者认为这是我试图解雇Android的优势,不知何故不计算但我并不是在争论iOS vs的优点Android整体我(现在)试图让一个特定的点对第三方开发者支持这两个平台。

Mark Pilgrim推

But OTHER THAN widgets, navigation, voice search, inter-app communication, and tethering, what have the Romans ever done for us?

这是一个很好的总结关于Android许多Android球迷最喜欢的东西But none of that pertains to the point I’m trying to make about third-party developer support为了争论,让我们承认,只装载Google应用程序的Android手机可能比只装载Apple应用程序的iPhone更具吸引力。


If everything Apple does is exactly what you want, Android probably doesn’t have any “killer features” worth talking about, but as soon as you want to do something that diverges from the Cupertino Grand Unified Vision, Android starts to become a lot more attractive.

真的,不是真的Android用户声称他们不能没有(如果他们被迫切换到iOS)的大多数应用来自谷歌iOS用户声称他们不能没有(如果他们被迫切换到Android)的大多数应用程序来自App Store(随意替换“不能没有”与非双曲线“将错过最多”。)

两者之间的一个根本区别是Android允许第三方软件以某种方式改变系统本身您可以添加在整个系统中显示在标准菜单中的组件例如,标准的“使用此URL执行某些操作”菜单第三方可以向该菜单添加项目,非常类似于在Mac OS X中添加系统范围服务的方式第三方也可以取代安卓主屏幕,并更换触摸屏键盘有很多Swype的球迷。

因此,许多Android粉丝认为,在iOS App Store中,大多数他们最喜欢的应用程序/添加/附加组件/适用于Android的内容都是不允许的,甚至是不可能的不过,这可以说明我的文章iPhone的大多数应用都可以移植到Android在许多情况下,他们缺乏一点点润色这是高度怀疑类似愤怒HD今天可能在Android设备吗Media apps like Netflix and MLB At Bat are problematic for Android因为Android设备没有标准的DRM系统但大多数我个人最喜欢的iOS应用程序,包括游戏,可以从技术上讲,今天在Android上存在或多或少的等价形式但他们没有。



A lot of the Android-vs.-iOS horse race coverage focuses on unit sales and market share, but never even mentions this disparity in developer support, except to simply list that the iTunes App Store has X total apps and Android Market has Y total apps.

我不是说(这里,至少有这个论点)iOS比Android更好我只是说iOS应用程序商店正在蓬勃发展,Android市场不是而且,那个Android Market如果手机市场份额非常重要,那么就会以这种方式蓬勃发展。


Tim Bray,通过推特,建议一个乐观的答案

@gruber Simplest explanation: Android numbers didn’t get interesting to devs till last summer一年内重新检查。

那可能是iPhone开发者的吸引力从第一天开始事实上,它有开发者的吸引力在它被释放之前Android没有那种吸引力但Android现在拥有的是原始数字 - 数百万用户。根据安迪鲁宾的说法,每天300,000个电话激活随着整个Android用户群的规模不断扩大,它将不可避免地吸引更多的开发者注意力,因此争论如此。

第三方开发人员对Android的支持可能会增长 - 考虑到Android手机销量的增长,这似乎是一种确定性 - 但我不认为它会以类似iOS的方式增长。

也请注意,美国市场看起来比全球不同市场这里的从Comscore最近的一份报告声称Android非常接近整个美国的iPhone智能手机用户请注意,这些数字仅限美国,仅适用于手机 - 因此不包括iPad和iPod Touch比较一下这些全球数字移动操作系统的整体网络使用情况,显示iOS的份额是Android的两倍以上。

但即使只考虑美国智能手机市场,请记住,iPhone是单一运营商独有的 -网络质量最差,客户服务最差的网络这些市场份额在今天都是真实的,我们不应该在孵化之前开始计算我们的Verizon iPhone鸡,但当然,2011年初的Verizon iPhone会显着改变这些数字。

Fred Wilson,联合广场投资的本金和一个VC博客的作者,上周写了一篇文章,建议移动开发人员首先关注Android

So, when thinking about where to invest your precious mobile development resources, I’d say Android first and iPhone second. And think hard about HTML5You may want to hedge your bets by having a kick ass HTML5 experienceI learned in the comments to this HTML5 post last week that there is an awesome open source library called Phone Gap that lets you port HTML5 apps to Android, iOS, Blackberry, Palm, and SymbianSeems like developing in HTML5 and then porting to the mobile OS platforms is an interesting option as well.

One thing I am sure of is that developing solely for iOS, which is a very common thing I see out there, is not the right strategy unless you only want to serve 25% of the market.


苹果公司的智能手机市场约占25%RIM is losing share and Google is gaining shareIf we have two more quarters like this past quarter, Google will have 37% market share, RIM will be at 29%, and Apple will be at 26%.

Of course there is no certainty that the next two quarters will play out the same way the past quarter wentMany people replied that getting the iPhone on Verizon will be a boost to Apple’s numbers我怀疑会有所帮助Apple could get into the mid 30s with the help of Verizon.

我认为,仅仅关注美国是不明智的市场份额,甚至更加不明智地专注于“智能手机”市场份额,忽视非iPod手机和iPad等手机(以及现在的Galaxy Tab等Android设备)但即使只有美国智能手机,我认为他是Verizon iPhone会低估的影响Even if Wilson is right that the iPhone would gain only 10 percent share — from around 25 percent to “the mid 30s” — would not a large chunk of that gain come specifically at Android’s expense? Verizon is the number one carrier for Android phones in the U.S——和美国安卓最强的市场。

在威尔逊的推理是更大的缺陷,他似乎认为所有智能手机用户是等价的根据Comscore的数据,iOS和Android各占大约25%的美国智能手机市场But from a developer’s perspective, are those audiences equivalent? Wilson is arguing that they are我不认为这是真的如果Instagram Android独家而非iOS独家,将它捡起第一周有100,000名用户第一个月就有一百万? No way, I say.

我可以看到投注Android可能是一个值得冒险的论点一个争论的说法是:“iOS App Store很拥挤,而且Android缺乏高质量的应用程序A great app that might get lost in the iOS App Store would have a better chance of standing out on Android.” But I don’t see how betting on Android — following Wilson’s advice and making it your primary target for mobile development — is not a gamble即使其市场份额和手机销售势头强劲,我看不出任何相应的证据在Android应用程序的销售势头。



我相信移动经济学将网络经济的趋势Not paid, maybe freemium, often free.


But what if you don’t merely want eyeballs, but rather want to sell your app directly to users? In that case, you should go to where the sales are, and that means iOS.

从开发人员的角度希望出售他们的应用程序,Android市场似乎有毛病请注意,例如,Android的流行键盘替代品Swype不会通过Android Market销售。有一个“测试版”版本,但β接风宴该公司正在通过向用户出售该软件而将该软件货币化,但通过与手机制造商达成许可协议以预先安装Swype(And it is, in fact, pre-installed on many (most?) new Android handsets sold today in the U.S.) This matches what I heard from an iPhone game developer — that rather than sell their upcoming Android ports, they’re trying to work out deals with carriers to have the games pre-installed on phones已经卖掉的愤怒的小鸟 -出售- 适用于iOS的数百万份副本仅适用于Android作为带有屏幕广告的免费应用。


我不知道纯粹以广告为基础的愤怒的小鸟是如何在Android上出现的也许Rovio(愤怒的小鸟的开发者)将从Android上的广告赚取比从iOS上的销售更多的钱We shall see.到目前为止听起来不错。但是如果你不希望广告无处不在呢?

Android应用程序的经济可能趋向于类似于网络经济我认为这是Android设计的思维方式但我认为iOS App Store根本不像网络经济Isn’t that the whole point, the reason Apple created the App Store in the first place? Apple’s pre-App Store “just write mobile web apps for Mobile Safari” developer story for the iPhone in 2007 was unsatisfying, both for users and developers.

在哪里我认为威尔逊错了他的期望是会有一个集体的“移动经济”iTunes上的音乐经济学与“数字音乐”的整体经济学并不完全相同 - 所以为什么要期待iTunes应用经济增长与一般的“移动应用程序”类似?


文化有所不同 - 从平台创建者,为两个平台编写软件的开发人员,以及这些设备的用户所期望的对于iOS来说,它是关于情感的吸引力 - 艺术,设计,不可言说的。

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