Final Cut Pro X Backlash

Ars Technica的Chris Foresman

Many users have expressed their frustration with a litany of missing features in Final Cut Pro XTo begin with, there’s no support for output to tape, and input from tape is very limited. There’s no support for EDL or XML export, commonly used to move projects from the editing stage to the finishing stage using other softwareThere’s no OMF output for mixing audio using Pro Tools. And because FCPX uses a completely re-architected underlying media handling and editing paradigm, it can’t import projects from previous versions of Final Cut Pro.

要点是许多专业编辑将Final Cut Pro X视为iMovie的改进版本,而不是Final Cut Pro的改进版本。这个Twitter搜索例如,是有益的。

On The Talk Show earlier today, Dan Benjamin and I made the analogy to the first release of Mac OS X — a true ground-up rewrite with the intention of laying a solid foundation for the long-term future, but, in the short term, lots of missing features and frustrating changes compared to what current users were accustomed不同之处在于,随着从Mac OS 9向Mac OS X的过渡,Apple将Mac OS 9保持了多年,无论是作为启动机器操作系统还是以经典仿真层的形式经历了长达数年的过渡而前一个 - 我敢说经典? — versions of Apple’s professional video software were discontinued upon yesterday’s release of the new versions.

这种重写可能是正确的做法Apple似乎确信这对于视频编辑来说是一个更好的基本概念 - 而且,实际上讲是一般的讲故事但是,如果不提供过渡期可能会有风险地狱,即使是iMovie,当他们从旧式编辑转换到新模型时(并且在新iMovie的初始版本中丢失了许多功能),Apple kept iMovie HD 6 available as a free download for two years如果iMovie用户在过渡期内值得安抚,那么专业的Final Cut Pro用户肯定也是如此如果Final Cut Pro X甚至无法打开Final Cut Pro 7项目,编辑人员可以多快地切换?

进一步阅读FCP X与FCP 7中缺少的内容:

Walter Biscardi,创意牛

All in all the worst product launch I’ve ever seen from Apple or pretty much any software manufacturerInstead of a nice suite of applications that worked well together (FCP, Color, Motion, SoundTrack Pro, DVD Studio Pro) you now have one big app that really doesn’t do all that much wellIt completely ignores the 11 years of existence by giving you zero options to open older projectsWe called it iMovie Pro when it was debuted back in April and quite honestly, that’s what it is.


Great design, like great music, is almost always foreign at first, if not disturbingly strange你必须花时间去做But if it is great, and if you invest your attention, it will change the way you look at the worldAfter using FCP X for a week, Premiere Pro looks to me like the past.

At present there is no way to translate timelines from older versions of FCP to FCP XSetting aside the question of why you would want to do this in the first place, you will, in any case, always want to preserve a copy of FCP 7.0.3 into the future, in order to open older timelines.

Which underscores the obvious: FCP 7.0.3 is as robust and capable this morning as it was before the announcement of FCP X yesterday morningNo reason to cease making a living using it, into the foreseeable future.

Philip Hodgetts总结道他出色的Final Cut Pro X FAQ

From the answers above you should be able to see that at version 1 Final Cut Pro X won’t support some professional workflows, but for other professional workflows it will be more than capable. Using Final Cut Pro X to cut together a story, I’m struck by how fast it is to achieve a result, as if everything was designed to get a result as quickly as possible.

最后,App Store中的评论值得一读,以衡量那些依赖于FCP X中省略的FCP 7特征的用户的脉搏毫无疑问,其中一些只是对新的和陌生人的一种下意识的拒绝,但其中很大一部分是“我依赖于FCP 7的一些特定功能and now it’s gone.” I predict this transition going the way of iMovie’s (and, again, Mac OS X’s) — with a two-year transition where the previous Final Cut Pro suite remains available, whilst the new Final Cut Pro X suite regains lost features.

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