我看到很多反馈,无论是同意还是不同意,关于我的“为什么Windows 8在根本上有缺陷作为对iPad的回应“星期三贾里德纽曼为时代科技创作的作品 - “为什么苹果爱好者对Windows 8的看法不对“ - 我认为,这被公平地描述为那些不同意的人的代表,值得逐点检查:

On Wednesday evening, Microsoft showed the first public glimpses of Windows 8, including a touch screen interface that’s unlike any version of Windows we’ve ever seenAnd already, Apple enthusiasts are chiming in with disdain.

Newman’s two “Apple enthusiasts”, as cited by the links in his article, are Jason Snell and yours truly, and where by “Apple enthusiast” I believe Newman means to imply “those who will find fault with anything from an Apple competitor, regardless of actual merit, on the basis of what is more or less the technical equivalent of dogmatic religious zealotry.”

蔑视— defined in the New Oxford American as “the feeling that someone or something is unworthy of one’s consideration or respect; contempt” — is utterly the wrong wordSnell和我都明确表示微软展示的实际新Windows 8 UI工作既具有创新性又具有吸引力失望不是不屑一顾。

微软just doesn’t get it, 他们说Windows 8 drops the ball by supporting both tablet and legacy Windows applications, instead of throwing everything out and starting a new tablet OS from scratchThe iPad is so perfect because it doesn’t try to be a Mac, they argue.

他说我们认为微软没有得到它这是真的,但是当纽曼试图描述微软没有得到的“它”实际上是什么时,他会采用夸张的夸张,这与我在Snell或者我实际上写的关于Windows 8的任何事情都没有任何相似之处。

没有人认为微软应该“全力以赴”我们都没有将iPad描述为“完美”,我们也不会今天的iPad缺乏和限制,就像1985年的Mac一样但也像1985年的Mac一样,我相信它预示着个人计算的未来与1985年的Mac不同,iPad已经实现了巨大的市场普及我认为它的受欢迎程度主要源于它的概念简单性,以及设计限制,过分强调UI响应性和电池寿命那些东西 - 而不是“完美” - 是iPad通过“试图成为Mac”而实现的目标。


斯内尔和我都写不出类似的东西纽曼引用了这个词优雅但是,这个词在Snell的文章中并没有以任何形式出现,而在我的文章中,只是在我自己在一月份写的一句话中引用:iPad的核心价值在于它是一款便携式电脑,它的功能更少 - 而且它的功能更少,功能更少,它做得更好,更简单,更优雅。

不,这是一个从根本上说是有缺陷的understanding of what makes Apple’s tablet so magical and revolutionary, they protest.


胡扯Microsoft doesn’t have to copy Apple’s strategy for Windows 8 to succeed.

Snell和我都没有讨论Windows 8的整体前景或设计优点我们俩都非常具体地讨论了我们所看到的Windows 8的缺点作为对iPad的回应这种特殊性始于我们为文章选择的标题Windows 8可能是流行且成功的Windows 7的绝佳后续产品然而,斯奈尔和我都没有提出这个问题我们认为,它不是iPad的一个有价值的竞争对手。

In supporting the old, familiar Windows interface and the new tablet experience on a single device, Microsoft has laid the groundwork for modular computing — that is, a single device that transforms to suit the user’s needsWant to lounge around with some e-books or videos? The tablet interface makes it possible. Want to get some work done? Plug in a mouse and keyboard and go crazy with the desktop version of ExcelIt’s the best of both worlds in one piece of hardware.

And so what happens to the version of Excel that’s running in the background when you unplug the mouse and keyboard and go back reading an e-book on the device as a tablet? Does it somehow stop consuming resources? The difference between iOS and Mac OS X is far more than touchscreen vs鼠标和键盘对于应用程序可以执行的操作,何时可以运行以及可以消耗多少资源,这是一组完全不同的规则和期望。

And what happens if in addition to a mouse and keyboard, you plug in an external hard disk? And it’s on that volume where the Excel spreadsheet you’re working on resides? What then when you unplug to go back to tablet use? Will the volume still be named “D:” or “E:”, for that matter, just like the floppy disks from a 1981 PC? That doesn’t sound like the iPad.


我有一台全新的11英寸MacBook Air,我安装了相对最少量的第三方软件与我以前拥有的任何Mac笔记本电脑相比,它具有出色的电池寿命与我的iPad相比,它的电池续航时间更长。

我写过关于iPad的最好的句子是这个,一年前:“就原始硬件性能而言,iPad是一台比现代MacBook慢得多的机器,但它感觉在许多方面更快,因为你永远不必等待它。“你必须等待Windows和Mac OS X上的东西 - 因为这就是这些系统的设计方式。

纽曼说这两种方式都很好我说你不可能两种方式他绝对是对​​的 - 这会很好但我很确定我也是对的 - 它无法完成。

在Macworld,Jason Snell认为这是一种冒险的方法If the iPad ran Mac apps, he says, developers probably wouldn’t have bothered creating all-new apps for the touch screenI’m not convinced that the same will be true for Windows 8, with its huge potential customer baseThere will be demand for touch-based apps simply because of how many people are already using WindowsAnd besides, Microsoft has proven willing to grow its app ecosystem by支付开发者

And how has that willingness to pay developers worked out for Windows Phone 7 thus far? This does not seem to be a very strong argument.

I also don’t buy the idea that Microsoft needed to show a version of Office built from the ground-up for tablets, as John Gruber argues.


While it’d be nice if Microsoft created touch-based versions of its productivity software — and don’t rule it out just yet — there’s only so much work you can do with a touch screenTrust me, I’ve tried to blog on my iPad countless times, but I can never get farther than tapping out a rough draft and switching to a laptop to finish the jobIt’s not just the mouse and keyboard that makes the differenceIt’s the little things, like keyboard shortcuts, right clicks and easy access to a file manager.

I’m tempted to ask how keyboard shortcuts and right-clicking are evidence that “it’s not just the mouse and keyboard that makes the difference”, insofar as it’s hard to invoke keyboard shortcuts without a keyboard or right-clicks without a mouse, but instead, I’ll simply state that yes, I agree没有人在争论我们应该把我们的Mac和PC扔进垃圾箱里,一直都是iPad对于在Mac或PC上更好的东西,请使用Mac或PC微软应该让Windows 8成为更好的Windows,就像Apple如何让Lion成为更好的Mac OS X一样但是Lion绝不会为更好的iPad做出贡献。

What Microsoft demonstrated on Wednesday is exactly what I want in a computer — a lightweight tablet UI that’s meant for casual computing and a powerful, classic Windows that allows me to work. I’m tired of carrying around my iPad and laptop togetherI want one device that does everything.


这并不是说微软会把它拉下来The company has set some ambitious goals for Windows 8, and a lot can go wrongBut I’m not about to dismiss what Microsoft is doing because it doesn’t follow in Apple’s footstepsFor Microsoft, playing copycat would only solidify Apple’s lead in the post-PC era.