Dan Lyons对Google今天收购摩托罗拉的看法让我着迷,“吸取它,AppleSoft - Google拉扯了一个绳索“:

Everyone was baffled when Google made those crazy bids for the Nortel patents last monthRemember? They bid things like the distance from the earth to the sun, the number pi, and some other wacky numbers from mathematicsWhich led ultra Apple fanboy MG Siegler to crow that Google had got “pi in the face” and was “living in a dream world” and “look like huge asses in retrospect.”

Lyons has always been an ass, but when did he get so bitter? Siegler is one of the top writers on the Apple beat, period良好的资源,聪明的分析,以及他经常出路的方式比他错了称他为“超级狂热者”并不能说服任何实际上得分的人西格勒是一个非理性的狂热分子,但这确实让里昂听起来像是他嘴里唾沫发出的声音这不仅仅是一点点投射。

今天这一切都有道理Google just sandbagged its rivals. The whole thing was a rope-a-dope maneuverGoogle never cared about the Nortel patentsIt just wanted to drive up the price so that AppleSoft (those happy new bedmates) would overpayToday, with the Motorola deal, Google picks up nearly three times as many patents as AppleSoft got from Novell and Nortel.


我认为里昂的看法是可能的 - 谷歌对北电专利的竞标只是一些高赌注的扑克但是,任何对招标有任何了解的人都不会这样报道和谷歌没有出价40亿美元。

Does anyone really believe this $12.5 billion acquisition just got thrown together in the last few weeks as a response to the AppleSoft patent grabs? Doesn’t it seem likely that Google and Motorola started talking long before the Nortel auction?

实际上,是的,有些人对这个故事做了一些实际的报道,确实认为它在五周内就被抛到了一起- 直到谷歌失去北电拍卖之后,谈判才开始不过,我确信Dan Lyons的消息来源比Om Malik更好。

As for those crazy bids in the Nortel auction — that was just a way to leave a little “fuck you” in the paperwork for Google’s pals in Redmond and Cupertino to look back uponThat move is pure Larry PageThis is a smart, hyper-competitive guy with a mean streak and a nasty sense of humorKara Swisher recently compared him to Bill Gates, and now I see whyPage is turning out to be a better CEO, and more fun to cover, than anyone could have imagined.

我敢打赌,史蒂夫乔布斯和史蒂夫鲍尔默都不能在晚上睡觉,对那些pi或e或者任何不合时宜的十亿美元的出价感到愤怒。是的,Google肯定会通过这些出价将其强加于Apple和MicrosoftWhat sense does this even make? Google made these uneven-number bids to assert how clever they are而已在投标超过40亿美元用于某事 - 任何东西 - 你只是看起来幼稚,只有在失去拍卖后,你才会声称你并不是真的想要这件事。

然后,看待这个故事的另一种方式是谷歌真的没有想要那些北电专利,当他们没有获得这些专利时,他们知道他们处于比以往更糟糕的位置,专利方面,Android然后摩托罗拉开始威胁 -公然,只是这个月- 打击专利战其他Android手机制造商和开始谈论对Windows Phone的支持我们现在知道,虽然摩托罗拉首席执行官Sanjay Jha和badass 11%的公司股东卡尔伊坎正在制造这些威胁,以对其他Android手机制造商发起专利内战,但他们正积极与谷歌进行买断谈判包括Lyons在内的任何人都认为这些故事 - 不是基于投机而是基于首席执行官和公司最大股东的记录声明 - 在此次收购公布前一周就出现了,这是巧合吗?



谷歌公司同意支付摩托罗拉移动控股公司$2.5 billion if it fails to close the purchase of the mobile-phone maker, said a person with knowledge of the situation, a fee more than six times the typical amount.

“A high reverse breakup fee shows the buyer’s confidence of getting the deal done,” said Donna Hitscherich, a senior lecturer in finance at Columbia Business School, who is also a former banker and lawyer“People don’t do deals to get the breakup fee, they do them to get the deals done.”


Nilay Patel,在这是我的下一个

All that said, it’s still curious why Google spent the full $12.5b on Motorola, instead of a smaller amount acquiring the rights to Moto’s patents — or the rights to litigate with those patents(Or even something more like the Microsoft / Nokia deal, which involved patent cross-licensing and joint development by the two companies.) It’s easy to see why Google and Motorola joined forces to make the most out of Moto’s patents — but now they’ve got to explain how they’ll make the most out of what actually matters: Motorola’s products.

Why do Motorola’s products matter? Which one of their products is actually important in the market, and not just another me-too Android handset? The Xoom tablet? If every Motorola product was removed from every store in the world tonight, and replaced by the closest equivalent devices from HTC and Samsung, would the mobile landscape be significantly different tomorrow?


这并不是说它不是一个大胆的,傲慢的举动,甚至不是说它不是移动谷歌和Android作为平台但这一切都与谷歌所处的地位相关 - 而且这个位置是一个弱势,并假装否则是否认明显的不要忘记,谷歌与两家领先的Android手机制造商三星和HTC处于一种微不足道的局面我认为苹果和微软可能会感觉非常好,竞争激烈,因为迫使谷歌花费125亿美元购买手机制造商摩托罗拉rapidly declining sales,没有最近的利润,误导管理。

  1. Horace Dediu提出了尖锐的问题on Twitter: is Android itself even profitable? As of today Google is另一个125亿美元的努力之井That’s a lot of mobile ads to sell. ↩︎