Yes, Siri is an important product for enhancing our user interface with the iPhone但Siri还处于起步阶段When it grows up, it will be the front end to all types of searches conducted on iPhones, iPads, Mac’s and even Apple TVAnd, if I were Google or Microsoft, perhaps I too would be playing down the impact of Siri since they know full well that it is not just a threat to their product platforms, but to their core businesses of search as wellIn fact, they should be quaking in their boots since Apple is taking aim at their cash cow search businesses with their technology and could very well impact their fortunes dramatically in the future.

我认为将搜索称为微软的“核心业务”之一是一个延伸他们还在赔钱 -一个又一个季度的大量资金- 在他们的在线服务部门但如果他们不把它看作是一个,他们就不会坚持下去未来核心业务。

For Apple’s investors, the call for them to start paying dividends on their cash hoard is too short-sightedInstead, they should be encouraging Apple to start buying up as many databases and services they can and begin the process of entrenching Siri’s role as the first line of offense when searching for a product and service and get the search ad revenue from this for themselvesI believe that if they do this, they could probably add another $3-$5 billion in quarterly revenue to their already healthy business model within three years, as search becomes another profit center for Apple.


我认为苹果“货币化”Siri只是为了销售更多设备 - 现在更多的iPhone,更多的iPad(以及谁知道,也许是Mac?)Siri可以成为未来产品的接口,例如微小的纳米尺寸设备或家庭娱乐系统谷歌的广告驱动模式破坏了微软的软件许可证付费模式苹果公司只是购买我们的设备并且看起来很酷的狗屎你的模型可能会破坏谷歌的广告驱动模式。

微软的模式是:你购买一台设备,然后支付微软软件的许可证谷歌的中断是:嘿,如果你愿意忍受我们不闪烁的大多数文字广告,你不需要支付微软软件的费用Apple的模式是:您甚至不需要看到这些广告,只需从我们这里购买您的设备即可(尽管你可以说,通过App Store,Apple正在回归到付费更多的软件模式但这对苹果来说并不是一个真正的利润中心。)

Siri不需要通过广告来增加Apple的底线考虑iCloud - Apple现在提供免费的免费在线服务以苹果设备买家的整体体验为名,这是沉没成本。