保罗莉莉,写在HotHardware(SFW,我发誓),“Has the iPhone Lost Its Luster? The iPhone 5 Only Half of Verizon’s Q4 iPhone Sales“:

让我们来看看Verizon的第四季度业绩Verizon sold a record number of iPhones in Q4, a clear indication that they’re still wildly popularHowever, only half of them were the latest iPhone 5 modelWhy would so many smartphone shoppers buy an older model iPhone when the iPhone 5 is a superior device?

所以iPhone在美国最大的市场上以2:1(迄今为止最高的百分比)超过所有Android手机载体,载有它拥有品牌的Android手机这相当于六百万单位,也创下纪录这很糟糕,因为只有一半是iPhone 5。


Number one, Apple could give users what they apparently want: a lower cost iPhoneIt’s been rumored that this is already in the works, though one senior exec at Apple has since insisted that a lower cost iPhone would “never be the future of Apple products.”

让我说清楚对于苹果公司而言,Verizon的一半销售额是针对iPhone 4和4S的,而不是新的顶级iPhone更昂贵的iPhone 5,这是个坏消息。因此,礼来认为,他们应该制造更便宜的iPhone好。


[关于低成本iPhone产品的简要插补:一世昨天指出that the simplest explanation for the iPhone 5 accounting for “only” half of Verizon’s iPhone activations is that the iPhone 4 is the first free-with-contract iPhone on Verizon; the iPhone 3GS, which had been free-with-contract on AT&T for two years, was a GSM-only phone这反过来让我指出苹果已经拥有了一款低价iPhone:iPhone 4也就是说,这是一个低成本的合同,而且还有低成本的合同苹果仍缺乏低成本的iPhone,你可以在没有合同的情况下购买这在美国并不是什么大不了的事市场,由运营商补贴定价占主导地位,但在世界其他大部分地区都是一个大问题解锁的新iPhone 4仍然需要大约450-500美元相比之下,谷歌的Nexus 4售价为299美元,没有任何附加条件我所说的是,像299美元的无合约iPhone这样的东西对于苹果公司来说不是一个彻底的离开,而是在免费合约iPhone之后的下一个增量步骤。


Option two, then, is to build a better iPhone, one that trumps the competition in nearly every way so that buyers will be compelled to spend more on the latest and greatestThere has to be significant separation between the next iPhone model and the iPhone 5, or smartphone shoppers are just going to keep investing in older hardware或者跳到Android。

这正是苹果自2007年以来每年都做过的事情,除了他们从未需要或试图建立新的iPhone,迫使前一年的模型的所有者升级普通人在升级前有两年或更长时间的意识iPhone 5确实如此 - 它在各方面都是对iPhone 4的一次引人注目的升级。

接下来,Brett Arends在MarketWatch上写道,“Apple的收益电话中需要注意的10件事情“(我无法通过所有十个,抱歉):



2中国销售Sorry, fanboys, but almost everybody in America who wants an iPhone has an iPhone.

Which “fanboys” are somehow rooting against Apple selling iPhones in China? And if almost everyone in the U.S谁想要iPhone有iPhone,美国为什么呢iPhone销量继续增长?

3iPhone 17好的,好的,所以我们只在iPhone 5上But the issue will be when the next upgrade — to iPhone 6 — is comingMy biggest dislike of this industry for investors is the rapid replacement cycle但这就是游戏What’s next, and when?

在过去的15年中,Apple没有在季度分析师电话会议中(或其他任何地方)透露即将上市的产品的时机,但Arends正在寻找有关iPhone 6的新闻。

4有关键盘的任何提示Your correspondent does not have an iPhoneI probably wouldn’t own one anyway, but I am precluded from even considering one because they do not come with a real, physical keyboard, and I absolutely must have one. Millions of others are in my shoesSteve Jobs had an obsessive dislike of keyboards, but it was foolishApple CEO Tim Cook could probably finish off Research In Motion, maker of the BlackBerry, by announcing an iPhone with a keyboard. Easy为什么不?

Where to start? First, again with the idea of making product announcements during a与财务分析师打来的电话第二,2007年召集,并且他们希望他们的“Apple需要用键盘制作iPhone”的论点(它出现在“iPhone需要可更换电池”旁边的架子上)今年苹果公司需要争论的是“苹果公司需要制造一款带有5英寸大屏幕显示器的iPhone”和“苹果公司需要制造更便宜的iPhone”。

(Bonus Jackass指向Arends,因为“我可能不会拥有一个。”)

五Apple TV的计划So far, sales of these have been disappointingBut I remain convinced this could be a huge source of future growth for Apple, which could dominate TV, and the living room, the way it has come to dominate smartphones. Steve Jobs allegedly had an inspiration about how to make it a much better experience shortly before he diedI want to hear what he saw, and when we’ll see it.




7iPad Mini HD[…] The flaw of the iPad Mini is that, despite the famous Apple ease of use, it has a lower-resolution screen compared with some competitors, and yet a higher priceIf Apple is serious about 7-inch tablets, it needs to get best-in-class, as usual这会发生什么时候?

让我们考虑世界上所有的7-8英寸平板电脑Which one do you think sold the most units last quarter? Take a wild guess我的猜测是iPad MiniiPad Mini没有最高分辨率的显示器并不意味着它不是同类产品中最好的整体平板电脑事实上,我认为它是目前的最佳平板电脑,期间。无论是否是最好的(主观的,显然,但我并不孤单),我觉得很确定它是最受欢迎的。

而且,Apple的iOS解决方案的运作方式,他们无法以200英寸像素/英寸的分辨率进入中途它可以是163或者一直到326--这将是更昂贵的,需要更强大的图形系统,并消耗更多的电力,需要更大的更厚的电池,因此更厚的更重的外形Arguing that the iPad Mini is (a) too expensive; and (b) should have a retina display; makes less sense than anything else Arends has argued so far, and that’s saying a lotIt’s like telling a restaurant that their meals cost too much and but they should use more expensive ingredients.

鉴于iPad Mini的每个型号似乎仍然供应受限 - 苹果的在线商店预计发布新订单“7天” - 很难认真对待其价格过高的说法,除非您认为Apple有意为iPad Mini生产Arends’s argument, shared by many others, seems to be that because Amazon, Google, and Samsung are selling 7-inch tablets at lower prices than the Mini, Apple is ipso facto losing —无论目前的价格,iPad Mini是否是世界上最畅销的平板电脑。

We’ll never know since none of the Amazon, Google, or Samsung triumvirate reveal sales numbers, but I feel pretty good predicting that the iPad Mini outsold all of them last quarter, and I’d even wager a fiver that the Mini outsold all of them结合想象一下,如果苹果公司“认真”对待它,那么它在这一类别中的表现如何。