Facebook Home和Dogfooding

Josh Constine,为AOL / TechCrunch撰稿

Facebook didn’t realize just how important widgets, docks, and app folders were to Android users, and that leaving them out of Home was a huge mistakeThat’s because some of the Facebookers who built and tested Home normally carry iPhones, I’ve confirmedLack of “droidfooding” has left Facebook scrambling to add these features, whose absence have led Home to just 1 million downloads since launching a month ago[...]

The lack of droidfooders didn’t have serious consequences until Home, Facebook’s new “apperating system”It replaces the lock screen, homescreen, and app launcher of compatible Android phones with a Facebook-centric experienceIt offers Cover Feed, a big, beautiful way to browser the news feed the second you bring your phone out of sleepIt’s missing the ability to build real-time information widgets, put your most used apps in a persistently visible dock, or organize your collection of apps into folders.

Constine在这里得出了一些不支持的结论Is it possible that Facebook Home has fallen flat on Android because it was designed by iPhone users? That’s certainly possible但更有可能的是,在我看来,Facebook Home只是一个坏主意就像我说的上个星期,这是一个精心设计的实现,没有人想要的想法Would iPhone users want this? I can’t see whyAnd if the problem is that Facebook Home designers are iPhone users, it might explain why they didn’t see the appeal of widgets, but how would it explain the lack of a persistent app dock or app folders? The iPhone has those我怀疑大多数iPhone用户如果能够安装Facebook Home就会错过他们。

Facebook Home不是iPhone的想法这只是个坏主意。Facebook是一个应用程序,而不是一个平台。一个好的主屏幕界面可以容纳任何应用程序或服务,而不仅仅是一个。

有一个内部测试不过,这里有一课Does Mark Zuckerberg carry an HTC First, or any other Android phone with Facebook Home installed? Does Mike Matas? (Doesn’t look like it, judging by the “via Twitter for iPhone” metadata on his最近 微博。) 为什么不?

当你构建了一些你不想自己使用的东西时,它总是一个麻烦的迹象Why does everyone I know who works at Apple carry an iPhone? Every single one? Not because they have to这是因为他们至。

将Facebook Home变成Facebook设计师和工程师的界面使用,不仅仅是觉得有义务使用,然后他们会有所收获But if it remains something that even Facebook’s own designers and engineers do not prefer over the iPhone (or stock Android, or any other platform), if it remains something that the company needs propaganda posters to promote even among its own employees, then Facebook Home will remain what it is now一个哑巴。