Just got back from I/O and I run into a Twitter thread where Farhad Manjoo, John Gruber, et al are criticizing a strawman Larry’s Q&A session where Larry talks about negativity in the tech press.


There’s an underlying current of siege mentality in the Apple blogger world, after years of teetering on the brink, Apple made a come back, but its hardcore users lived under a constant perceived threat by Microsoft, and Steve Jobs cultivated a cult like tribalist view of the community when it came to competing ecosystems as a defense, not unlike I think governments that whip up nationalist or patriotic fervor.

我的作品他指的是与苹果没有任何关系I did mention iPhone and Android, but only as one example of Google following the lead of others, commoditizing existing markets, the opposite of Larry Page’s onstage edict that “We should be building great things that don’t exist.”

Now with Apple as the most successful company in the world, they still can’t shake the amygdala urge to fight anyone in their space as an enemyCase in point, John Gruber refers to anyone who criticizes Apple in the slightest as a jackass, if you run a search restricted to 万博manbetx贴吧 for that keyword, the search results are ten pages long.

多年来我确实用“傻瓜”来描述无数人,包括大约在2006 - 2007年间我常常命名为“本周的傻瓜”的人但我坚信一个仔细阅读DF档案这表明我从来没有用过“傻瓜”这个词来描述“任何批评苹果的人”确实有很多搜索结果万博manbetx贴吧为“愚蠢的”,但是我几乎没有人后悔我非常谨慎地使用了这个词,并且我一直希望能够描述那些实际上是傻瓜的人叫一个驴驴可能是不礼貌的,但它不是不准确或不公平的。

我的字典定义,在非驴的意义上,仅仅是“一个愚蠢的人”在我看来,这个词也传达了一种任性感 - 不仅仅是愚蠢而且故意愚蠢在许多情况下,我用它来形容那些写愚蠢的东西的人,我怀疑他们实际上并不认为这些东西是真的,但是他们把这些愚蠢的东西写成有目的性的煽情,引起人们对自己和他们的写作的关注。

我认为没有比这更好的词了最近的一个例子是福布斯的彼得·科汉(Peter Cohan)争论反复)苹果董事会应该解雇蒂姆库克首先,这是一个荒谬的愚蠢想法其次,我怀疑Cohan自己知道这是一个愚蠢的想法,并且他之所以提出这个论点只是因为以表面上直面的方式进行这样的论证引起了很多关注他要么诚实地相信苹果的董事会应该解雇蒂姆库克,要么他故意用他认为是耸人听闻的无聊的论点来浪费他的读者的注意力无论哪种方式,他都是一个傻瓜。

也就是说,仔细阅读我对这个词的使用在DF上也会表明我在过去几年里使用这个术语的次数要少得多,尽管jackassery(Apple相关或其他)比以往任何时候都更加猖獗对我来说,这是更容易使用强大的词几年前,当我写作相对默默无闻时,比今​​天万博manbetx贴吧’s popularity creates the perception that my calling someone a jackass is not calling a spade a spade — which is always and only what I’ve intended — but rather a form of bullying — which is clearly how Cromwell, for example, sees it.




理性的追随者、客户,甚至是苹果的粉丝们丝毫不担心苹果将任何一天很快又上摇摇欲坠的“边缘”(As a point of fact, the company “teetered on the brink” just once, from 1996-97, and with the exception of a few hiccup quarters, have been remarkably successful ever since.) In fact, close followers of Apple should be more concerned not with Apple失去它在行业上的强大地位,而不是他们的滥用它。


2010年7月,先生Jobs, Apple’s former chief executive, told the chief executive of Random House, Markus Dohle, that the publisher would suffer a loss of support from Apple if it held out much longer, according to an account of the conversation provided by MrDohle在备案中Two months later, Apple threatened to block an e-book application by Random House from appearing in Apple’s App Store because it had not agreed to a deal with Apple, the filing said.

兰登书屋最终同意1月份的合同18, 2011, Eddy Cue, the Apple executive in charge of its e-books deals, sent an e-mail to MrJobs attributing the publisher’s capitulation, in part, to “the fact that I prevented an app from Random House from going live in the app store,” the filing reads.

我发现这令人担忧Not merely because it’s unfair (though it is; apps submitted to Apple’s App Store ought to be judged solely on their own merit) but because it is unhealthy一个新的努力,如iBookstore,自己应该能够成功,没有任何不公平的帮助从一个单独的苹果应用商店等属性这条道路导致狂妄自大,而傲慢不可避免地导致堕落。1

史蒂夫乔布斯曾说:“我们没有进入搜索业务They entered the phone businessMake no mistake they want to kill the iPhone我们不会让他们This ‘don’t be evil’ mantra is bullshit.” In this world, competition is about utterly destroying your enemy until they no longer exist, it’s evil, and Google and Apple were somehow supposed to have an unspoken “gentleman’s agreement” not to pursue each other’s markets.

“Somehow supposed to”? Eric Schmidt was on Apple’s board of directors.2没有“以某种方式”或“君子协定”。

But Larry Page is right, competition need not be a zero sum game, especially in circumstances where the market is growingNote that while iPhone and Android are brutally battling it out in the smartphone market, both Apple, Google, and Samsung have all been enjoying year over year increases in earnings and user baseYes, Nokia and Blackberry lost out, but that’s mostly because feature phones as a category are dying, and iPhone class smartphones were launched by them too late.

Overall, as far as Apple vs Android, so far, it has been positive sum for the two biggest fighters in the ringApple’s biggest problem at this point is not Android, but saturation and overly high expectations.

同意但,再次我再说一遍,我从来没有说苹果公司最大的问题是Android,竞争也不一定是零和游戏我的要点不是苹果是好的,谷歌是不好的The gist of my argument is that Google is a ruthless competitor that enters existing markets, upends them, and isolates itself with a seemingly unquenchable desire to dominate every single market in consumer online services; yet, hypocritically, its leadership describes Google as just wanting to get along, that Google is institutionally a不错他们成功的公司,“构建伟大的事情,不存在”,而他们实际上做的是建立免费版本的已经存在的事实和销售广告赚钱。3.谷歌员工自认为是not-ruthless而无情地行动,导致认知失调。

Gruber and others like to imagine that people who work at Google hate hate hate Apple products and want to destroy them, and that may be the mentality on the Apple side, but I don’t know many Googlers who spend time trying to devise plans to destroy the iPhone, many of them quite like iPads and use MacBooks and would be sad to see Apple fold.

苹果公司没有机会“弃牌”没有人担心这一点对克伦威尔来说,这是一个非常奇怪的想法And nobody thinks Google employees “hate” Apple products; it’s common knowledge that many use iPhones (包括高管)还有更多人使用Mac。

As Larry said, much of the focus is on problem solving, not being concerned with “destroying” competitors like you’d read in internal Microsoft memosThe world has perhaps never seen a corporation with management and culture like Google before in this sector, they can’t process it, and the cynic has to suspect it’s all bullshit, all a show.

考虑今天的行业格局Apple just announced iOS 7; it adds support at the system level for Flickr and Vimeo (in addition to Facebook and Twitter, which came last year)iOS 7获取雅虎的天气,体育和财经新闻Siri now integrates with Bing — Microsoft! — for web and image search resultsWho are Google’s allies and partners? What services does Android or Chrome OS include at the system level except Google’s own?

苹果经常强调第三方应用在电视广告和营销为其设备照片When’s the last time Google has promoted third-party apps for Android? Have they ever?

Speaking of solving problems and doing stuff that’s never been done before, Gruber says:

Google is the company that built Android after the iPhone, Google Plus after Facebook, and now a subscription music service after SpotifyThey entered the RSS reader market, wiped it out, and are now just walking away from itGmail? Webmail but betterThink about even web search: Google search wasn’t something new; it was something better方式,方式,方式更好,但仍然。

考虑地图Google Maps entered a market where MapQuest and others had been around for yearsThat wasn’t something great that didn’t already existIt was a better version of something that already existed.

See the trick here? Google didn’t do anything that was’t done beforeGmail、地图搜索等这些只是改进But the iPhone? That’s an entirely new thing from wholeclothWe won’t say “the iPhone came after the Blackberry, after the Nokia Smartphones, after the PalmPhones”, we’ll just pretend they never existed.


在I / O的舞台上,Larry Page说道:

Every story I read about Google is “us versus some other company” or some stupid thing, and I just don’t find that very interesting. We should be building great things that don’t exist.


当然苹果没有发明智能手机No one thinks they did; no one has ever claimed they did包括苹果实际上,史蒂夫·乔布斯特别高兴地引用了克伦威尔在2007年iPhone推出时引用的所有前辈他甚至展示了他们:

史蒂夫乔布斯在2007年Macworld Expo上展示了iPhone之前的领先智能手机。


When does executing on something so radically better count as “never been done before”? Gmail and Maps were some of the first in a new class of Web 2.0 applications, a whole new class of interactivity for a web appDo Google’s datacenters counter as having never been done before? Co-loc points for hosting servers go back to the first dot.com boom, but to compare one of those with the way Google’s Datacenters are engineered as just refining is completely ignoring the depth to which Google reinvented the datacenter.



I for one am proud to be a googler because of things like the way Larry acquitted himself humbly, thoughtfully, and authentically at I/O我很高兴他没有苦涩Even if you think it’s fake spin, it’s still better than being an angry public jackass.


  1. When I linked to this NYT report a month ago, I quoted the same passage as above, but for my own commentary merely quipped, “Eddy Cue, hardball player.” That’s true, but it was lazy — and in hindsight I regret it, insofar as it does not suggest that I see this as the least bit troubling, when in fact I do. ↩︎

  2. 也许苹果和乔布斯的愚蠢在这种情况下,埃里克·施密特担任苹果董事会,谷歌正在Android——不在信任施密特保持Android BlackBerry-like平台,但甚至认为这是可能的事后看来,苹果应该很明显,所有的手机很快就会在iPhone之后建模Android would have failed along with Symbian, Windows Mobile, Palm, and BlackBerry had it stuck to its roots rather than scramble to catch up to the iPhone as a fundamentally touchscreen-driven platform. ↩︎

  3. 谷歌眼镜是一个新事物自动驾驶汽车是一件新鲜事但是对于围绕谷歌实验的所有炒作,这些事情就是:实验性的Neither are even products on the market, let alone successful ones. ↩︎