零售商正在禁止NFC阻止Apple Pay


Earlier this week, pharmacy chain Rite Aid shut down unofficial support for the Apple Pay and Google Wallet mobile payments systems, resulting in an outcry from users who have been testing out Apple’s new system since its launch on MondayRite Aid was not an official Apple Pay partner, but the payments system generally works with existing near field communications (NFC) payment terminals anyway, and many users had had success using Apple Pay at Rite Aid stores early in the week.

It now appears that fellow major pharmacy chain CVS is following suit and as of today is shutting down the NFC functionality of its payment terminals entirely, a move presumably intended to thwart Apple PayGoogle Wallet services are obviously also being affected by the move.

这些零售商是即将推出的名为CurrentC的移动支付系统的集团(Merchant Customer Exchange,“MCX”)的一部分。这是Debbie Simurda关于CurrentC的文章,为Mainstreet Inc.(一家销售点提供商)撰稿:

CurrentC mobile payments platform by Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) is a mobile wallet being developed by a group of major retailers who want greater control of payments, their mobile brand and mobile customer experienceThey want to keep more of their customer data, rather than ceding to technology companiesMCX was established in 2012 and currently consists of 59 participating retailers, many large Tier 1 merchants, across all segments[...]



The application can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play StoreAvailable for both iOS and Android devices, it is designed to ‘simplify and expedite the customer checkout process by applying qualifying offers and coupons, participating merchant rewards, loyalty programs and membership accounts, and offering payment options through the consumer’s selected financial account, all with a single scan.”

  • Using CurrentC mobile payments the point-of-sale displays a QR code for the customer to read with their phone.

  • The QR code generates the payment token on the smartphone which verifies the shopper’s presence, identity and initiates the transaction between the merchant and the bank.

  • The phone connects with the cloud for authorization and sends the approval to the merchant.

CurrentC doesn’t support the contactless Near Field Communications (NFC) used by Apple Pay.

QR codes祝你好运此外,CurrentC甚至不使用信用卡 - 它只适用于预付商店卡和直接绑定到您的银行帐户的借记卡Apple Pay is built atop the credit card system; CurrentC is a (futile, I say) attempt to eliminate credit card.

Apple获得的以及业内其他人所做的事情是,使用移动设备进行支付只有在比使用信用卡更容易和更好的情况下才有效使用CurrentC,您必须解锁手机,启动应用程序,将相机指向QR码,然后等待使用Apple Pay,您只需取出手机并将拇指放在Touch ID传感器上即可。


如果我现在读这篇文章,我认为我是,这些零售商们关闭他们的NFC支付系统验证,苹果支付实际上是工作,实际上,人们使用它请记住,它只适用于一个月大的iPhone 6想想从现在开始一年或两年发生的事情,当时使用的大部分iPhone都支持Apple Pay。

想想他们在做什么他们关闭了NFC支付系统 -整个东西- 只是因为人们实际上将它们与Apple Pay一起使用Apple Pay运行良好,甚至可以与非合作伙伴系统配合使用这些东西已安装多年,很少有人使用它们,显然,这些零售商宁愿阻止所有人,也不愿让Apple Pay继续工作我无法想象更好地验证Apple Pay的吸引力。

他们不想允许Apple Pay的原因是因为Apple Pay没有向他们提供有关客户的任何个人信息这不是关于安全性 - Apple Pay比美国的任何信用卡/借记卡系统都安全得多这不是关于钱,苹果的小片交易来自于银行,而不是商人这是关于数据的。


我不知道CVS和Rite Aid会让Apple Pay失效,但它会促使客户转换药房(Walgreens是Apple Pay合作伙伴),但我知道CurrentC不太可能获得任何牵引力。