关于Jony Ive晋升为首席设计官

昨天发表的本·汤普森的观点提出了几个有趣的观点他敏锐地观察到,Ive新晋升的副手Alan Dye(UI设计)和Richard Howarth(工业设计)都在最近的专题文章中占据了显着位置,这些文章授予Apple高管访问权限:

这个消息再次明确:当我接管软件时,Dye was there

Indeed, taken as a whole, this entire episode is a masterful display of public relations: plant the seeds of this story in two articles — ostensibly about the Watch — that provide unprecedented access to Apple broadly and Apple’s design team in particular, and happen to highlight two designers in particular, neither of whom had any public profile to date (kind of — as John Gruber and I discussed on脱口秀— Dye is a polarizing figure in Apple circles)Then, after a presumably successful Watch launch, announce on a holiday — when the stock market is closed — that these two newly public designers have newly significant roles at Apple.


[简要介绍Alan Dye作为Apple内部的“两极分化”人物:这不是他的个性(一个人Scott Forstall,或者甚至Tony Fadell),而不是Dye在品牌和平面设计方面的背景由Dye主导的iOS 7和OS X Yosemite重新设计 - 以及Apple Watch OS的新设计 - 在很大程度上是“平坦的”,因为“平面”是现代平面设计的外观可以这么说,苹果公司内部(并且仍有)人们认为这种趋势是错误的 - 这就是好事图像设计并不一定能带来好处用户界面设计,并经常做用户界面设计另一种看待它的方法是,当我在他的职权范围内整合UI设计时,他和Dye或多或少地组装了一个new球队这种事情总是引起公司以前的UI设计师的骚动 - 特别是那些在iOS团队的Forstall下工作的人。

无论如何,在个性方面,我只听到关于染料的好事 - 他是反政治,亲设计师,并且很容易相处。结束插值。]

阅读此新闻有两种基本方法第一个是接受苹果公司的话 - 这是对Ive的推广,这将让他更多地关注他的注意力,设计他将管理委员会委托给Dye和Howarth,而不是减少他对监督实际设计工作的参与第二种方式 - 愤世嫉俗的方式 - 是这是我放松出门的第一步,并且他的新头衔是旋转的,以使新闻听起来不错而不是糟糕。

简而言之:这对Ive来说真的是一种促销,还是(正如汤普森所说的那样)引用 - 引用“促销”?

怀疑主义的一个原因是通过Stephen Fry的Ive(以及在较小程度上,蒂姆库克)的特征档案宣布故事的奇怪方式它是奇怪的文章而苹果宣布这一消息甚至更加奇怪One line from the article caught many observers’ attention (boldface emphasis added):

When I catch up with Ive alone, I ask him why he has seemingly relinquished the two departments that had been so successfully under his control“Well, I’m still in charge of both,” he says, “I am called Chief Design OfficerHaving Alan and Richard in place frees me up from some of the administrative and management work which isn’t … which isn’t …”


“究竟这两个都很好Richard was lead on the iPhone from the startHe saw it all the way through from prototypes to the first model we releasedAlan has a genius for human interface designSo much of the Apple Watch’s operating system came from him有了这两个我就可以......“

I could feel him avoiding the phrase “blue sky thinking”… think more freely?”


他告诉我,Jony会旅行更多。Among other things, he will bring his energies to bear — as he has already since their inception — on the Apple Stores that are proliferating around the worldThe company’s retail spaces have been one of their most extraordinary successes.


Part of the story is that Ive is going to “travel more”, which I take to mean “live in England”.

这似乎是一个奇怪的跳跃 - 从“更多旅行”到“在英国生活” - 但它基于两个因素:伦敦报纸上宣布的新闻,以及广泛的猜测自2011年以来,我和他的妻子一直在考虑和孩子一起搬到英国这种猜测完全基于this Sunday Times piece on Ive’s compensation- 在付费墙后面,唉,但是“每日邮报”对“纽约时报”的报道进行了总结

However, despite the ‘rock star’ status Essex-born Ive has in the design world, with his work lauded by peers and used by millions around the world, the newspaper said his desire to ‘commute’ from his £2.5million manor house in Somerset was being opposed by bosses at the technology company, who want him to stay in the U.S.

He and wife Heather, who met while they were studying at Newcastle Polytechnic, are said to want to educate their twins in England.


[更新:我没记住这一点Ian Parker最近的纽约人Ive简介

Ive told me that he never planned to move: he and his wife bought the house for family vacations, and sold it when it was underused. But he also connected the sale to what he called inaccurate reporting, in the London Times, in early 2011, claiming that Apple’s board had thwarted his hope of a relocation; he did not want to be shadowed by gossip.


然而,考虑到这一点,今天,在2015年,我们可以在“泰晤士报”报道的这方面称之为废话他的双胞胎现在已经10岁了他们是已经受过教育 - 在加利福尼亚州He’s clearly not bolting from Apple any time soon — even if this他最后离开的前兆,我们谈论了几年后从现在起“几年”,他的孩子将更加年长再说一遍:我可能正在逐渐减少,有一天他可能会回到英格兰但时间已经不多了 - 如果还没有 - 让他的家人返回英国,在那里抚养孩子我不指望Jony Ive放弃“铝”,但他和他的家人都是加利福尼亚人。

一个更简单的方法就是看到我已经被提升为有效的新史蒂夫乔布斯:对公司所触及的任何事物的一切品味的监督者和仲裁者一个不同之处:着名的乔布斯与Apple的广告活动密切相关Cook, in his internal memo, wrote: “Jony’s design responsibilities have expanded from hardware and, more recently, software UI to the look and feel of Apple retail stores, our new campus in Cupertino, product packaging and many other parts of our company.” But, still, it’s hard not to read Cook’s description of Ive’s responsibilities as pretty much matching those of Steve Jobs while he was CEO.

Lastly, a title can just be a title, but Apple has only had three C-level executives in the modern era (excepting CFOs, whose positions are legally mandated): Jobs (CEO, duh) Cook (COO under Jobs, now CEO), and now Jony Ive (CDO).1这个头衔可能比实际更具礼仪性,但蒂姆库克并没有因为仪式上的重要性而罢工苹果公司也不会轻易放弃高级副总裁职位,但新的C级职称几乎是史无前例的。

[2015年5月28日更新:这是我忘记的一个很大的例外:Avie Tevanian]

我可以看到Cook-Ive是乔布斯 - 库克C级领导二人组的一种名义上的逆转Cook oversees operations and “running the company”; Ive oversees everything else所以他们创造了一个新的头衔,以传达我已经明确掌握的权威,并促使他信任的副手Dye和Howarth解除他的管理苦差事。我可能是错的,几年后我们会知道,但这是我今天的直觉。

  1. 一个小怪在撰写本文时,我宣布推广已经过了两天,但是Apple的“执行概况”页面仍然尚未更新通常Apple都有这样的东西上演并准备好了。更新:一些读者建议苹果技术上无法更新此页面,因为新标题要到7月1日才能生效说得通So maybe file this entire footnoted “oddity” under “never mind”. ↩︎︎