Nilay Patel,“Taking the Headphone Jack Off Phones Is User-Hostile and Stupid“:

But just face facts: ditching the headphone jack on phones makes them worse, in extremely obvious ways我们算一算吧!



Restricting audio output to a purely digital connection means that music publishers and streaming companies can start to insist on digital copyright enforcement mechanismsWe moved our video systems to HDMI and got HDCP, remember? Copyright enforcement technology never stops piracy and always hurts the people who most rely on legal fair use, but you can bet the music industry is going to start cracking down on “unauthorized” playback and recording devices anyway.

I’m not familiar with how people are taking advantage of the “analog loophole” to do things with audio out of the iPhone headphone port that would be forbidden using the digital Lightning port, but now seems like a good time to raise the big question: Should the analog headphone jack remain on our devices forever? If you think so, you can stop readingIf not, when? Maybe now is the wrong time, and Apple is making a mistake我不知道我们公司以外的人似乎都不知道,因为所有泄露的都是新的iPhone没有端口,没有解释为什么但我说在某些时候它会消失,现在看起来像它威力是正确的时间此外,从历史上看,Apple已经证明非常擅长于删除已建立的传统端口。


We deal with DRM when it comes to video because we generally don’t rewatch and take TV shows and movies with us, but you will rue the day Apple decided to make the iPhone another 1mm thinner the instant you get a “playback device not supported” messageWinter is coming.

顺便说一句,无论这个决定的优点是什么,它都与设备的薄弱无关iPhone 6是迄今为止最薄的iPhone 6.9mmiPod Touch有一个耳机插孔和只有6.1毫米厚iPod Nano:5.4毫米模拟耳机插孔在深度方面比厚度更昂贵。





4Ditching a deeply established standard will disproportionately impact accessibility

The traditional headphone jack is a standard for a reason — it worksIt works so well that an entire ecosystem of other kinds of devices has built up around it, and millions of people have access to compatible devices at every conceivable price pointThe headphone jack might be less good on some metrics than Lightning or USB-C audio, but it is spectacularly better than anything else in the world at being accessible, enabling, open, and democratizing.


五Making Android and iPhone headphones incompatible is so incredibly arrogant and stupid there’s not even explanatory text under this one

Why would Apple care about headphone compatibility with Android? If Apple gave two shits about port compatibility with Android, iPhones would have Micro-USB ports1998年,人们广泛使用软盘驱动器运动鞋,网Mac和PC之间的文件这并没有阻止Apple放弃它。

不相容的事项是Apple自己的设备,特别是MacBooks据推测,Apple的Lightning耳机也适用于iPad但是对于Mac来说,使用不同的耳机(或加密狗)比使用iOS设备要糟糕。1但同样,这与从30针到Lightning的过渡没有什么不同你必须从某个地方开始(除非你认为苹果应该坚持使用我们永远知道的模拟耳机插孔 - 但我告诉你们人们不要再回头看了。)


Raise your hand if the thing you wanted most from your next phone was either fewer ports or more dongles.

我不这么认为You wanted better battery life, didn’t you? Everyone just wants better battery life.

“没有人”要求iMac移除软盘驱动器或从ADB端口切换到USB(当时PC没有配备USB,这意味着很少 - 我的意思是很少 - 市场上现有的USB外围设备)当iPhone 5倾销专有但无处不在的30针端口用于专有和全新的Lightning端口时,引起了极大的强烈抗议MacBook Air的粉丝仍在抱怨MacBook的新USB-C端口。





  1. Will MacBooks ship with a Lightning port in lieu of a headphone jack? If so, will they ship with headphones? (Probably not, I sayCough up the extra $29 for a new pair of Apple EarPods.) Is this why we haven’t seen new MacBook Pros yet — because they’re waiting for the new iPhone, so that both can go Lightning-for-audio at the same time? Perhaps. ↩︎