吉姆Dalrymple,Dash / App Store的事情:

Apple’s anti-fraud team has apparently been working with the developer for some time to stop fraudulent positive reviews, and negative reviews on competitors’ accountsAccording to Apple, all attempts to work with the developer have failed, resulting in the account being terminated.

“Almost 1,000 fraudulent reviews were detected across two accounts and 25 apps for this developer so we removed their apps and accounts from the App Store,” Apple spokesperson, Tom Neumayr, said in a statement provided to The Loop on Monday“Warning was given in advance of the termination and attempts were made to resolve the issue with the developer but they were unsuccessful. We will terminate developer accounts for ratings and review fraud, including actions designed to hurt other developersThis is a responsibility that we take very seriously, on behalf of all of our customers and developers.”

It’s really important to note that this has been going on for quite some time — it’s not a quick decision that Apple made on the spur of the moment last weekIn fact, a warning was first sent to the developer two years ago, but the behavior did not change.



苹果通常允许这样的指控苹果没有赢家,publicity-wise:一个指控站回答和苹果App Store是运行像一个香蕉共和国,但如果他们争执,他们面临数百亿美元的巨人冲下来的光学与一个小的独立开发者这个案子有了足够的重视,我认为他们觉得他们必须回应太多的开发人员认为苹果是任性地,事实上,据苹果,这是多年的争端的顶点。

一方或另一个躺在这里And Apple is adamant that it’s not them.


Marco Arment:

I’m glad our community assumed the best of another developer and pressured Apple to justify this severe actionWe should now accept that they have.

The public often doesn’t get the full story behind decisions and changes they see, but it’s usually not for sinister reasons — it’s often just someone taking the high road and letting another party save face.


苹果州近1000欺诈性的评论were detected — and that they’d given the developer notice and had tried to resolve the issue with him.

If this is true, then it would be hard to say that Apple has done anything wrongIn fact, we want Apple to notice fraudulent reviews (since they harm consumers and other developers), get them removed, and work things out with the developer.


Dash开发者Bogdan Popescu回应:

What I’ve done: 3-4 years ago I helped a relative get started by paying for her Apple’s Developer Program Membership using my credit cardI also handed her test hardware that I no longer neededFrom then on those accounts were linked in the eyes of AppleOnce that account was involved with review manipulation, my account was closed.

I was not aware my account was linked to another until Apple contacted me Friday, 2 days after closing my accountI was never notified of any kind of wrongdoing before my account was terminated.

What Apple has done: on Friday they told me they’d reactivate my account if I’d make a blog post admitting some wrongdoingI told them I can’t do that, because I did nothing wrongOn Saturday they told me that they are fine with me writing the truth about what happened, and that if I did that, my account would be restoredSaturday night I sent a blog post draft to Apple and have since waited for their approval.

The story, as best as I can figure out: there are two developer accounts tied to the same credit card, bank account, test devices, and “com.kapeli.*” bundle ID根据Popescu non-Dash账户由他的一位亲戚,和Popescu不知道审查欺诈他们承诺不知道苹果认为账户与自己有关,一个用于冲刺。1苹果的反欺诈警告都给帐户由Popescu的相对控制,根据Popescu,他从未通知,由苹果和他相对的双方争论,其中一个账户是参与应用程序商店检查欺诈。


Marco Arment,更新:

We don’t know what happened between that call and Apple’s statements tonightI’m guessing Popescu and Apple couldn’t reach an agreement over the wording of the public story, but I think what Apple asked for in that phone call was extremely reasonable.



Apple developers: the only thing you know right now is that you don’t know everythingThat is the only lesson from this Dash mess.

  1. 如果像Popescu声称这两个账户是由两个不同的开发人员,这就可以解释极端的质量差异帐户,提交审查出版许多欺诈,嗯,看上去相当廉价应用的实用程序其他账户只发表两个应用:破折号Mac和iOS,两者都是杰出的质量和效用显然是间接的和主观的,但一个帐户看起来像一个小商人,另一个看起来像开发人员具有较高的完整性。↩︎