On Chuq Von Rospach’s ‘Apple’s 2016 in Review’, and the AirPort and Mac Pro Lineups in Particular


Apple has products it has let languish without any significant update for long periods of timeIf you look at how Apple’s treated their AirPort line, you’d think Wi-Fi was a mature technology where nothing was really changingIn fact, a lot is happening including a big shift to mesh networks, and Apple has seemingly ignored all of thatIt used to be you bought Airports because they were some of the best Wi-FI devices out thereToday, the only reason to buy them is you want easy, and because it has the Apple brandThey’re woefully out of date (and in fact, I just replaced mine with a set of Eero devices, which are Apple easy to use, and blow Apple’s products away in terms of performance). Rumors have come out that Apple has cancelled future development of these, but they’re still for sale为什么?

与机场的东西显然是错误的它要么早就应该被更新保持最先进的,也应该是停止苹果是否应该还是在游戏wi - fi路由器是一个合理的论点我认为他们应该,但是我可以看到另一边的论点(其他公司做得很好,苹果应该关注的领域他们独立)但是没有合理理由当前机场的事态。

在Mac Pro:

To put the Mac pro in context: This was the “Can’t Innovate my Ass” product that Apple produced to counter criticism that it wasn’t innovative any more and that it was letting the Mac product line languish (hey, this isn’t a new complaint…)They came out with something that was visually distinctive and they build a really interesting set of guts inside the trash can.

But here’s the problem: in retrospect, what they built was a device based around their own ego needs of proving their critics wrong, not a device that served the purposes of their power users. It’s not configurable, it’s not upgradeable, it’s not expandable: It’s pretty, and full of (for 2013) innovative hardware design, but is that really what Apple’s power users needed?

“What the hell happened with the Mac Pro?” is the most interesting question about Apple today因为一些明显错误的这种产品的方式我不相信设计的基本思想是不健全的,我们的想法是,扩张将外围设备的形式,而不是安装在盒子里面的东西我仍然认为这可能是“可扩展的”计算的未来。

如果苹果Mac Pro在大约每年更新,我们不会调用这一场灾难我相信还会有那些希望苹果坚持传统的塔形式因素,但我们不会说“他妈的什么?”

如果苹果要更新这个Mac Pro,两年前我们应该见过如果苹果要废除这个设计,将与别的东西(像他们一样短暂的“向日葵”iMac G4 2002年设计),我们应该见过更换一年前如果他们打算废除Mac Pro,应该发生在过去的一年中,或者至少我们应该看到在这些三岁的工作站价格大幅下降。1

更新相同的基本设计是有意义的一个全新的设计是有意义的走出Mac Pro游戏将是有意义的卖1000天的专业工作站在2013年的价格一样没有感觉不管原因是什么,这种情况是一个彻头彻尾的灾难。

  1. 其它电脑制造商提高和更低的价格为组件价格变化苹果推出一个价格和棍棒其中的一个原因是品牌稳定价格“圆”的数字——1499美元而不是1427美元或者是一个优质品牌的标志在旧产品,他们没有更低的价格,除非他们让他们的产品线their replacements have been introduced他们几乎从不做的是低价格的产品仅仅因为它是旧的,没有替代因此,如果苹果Mac Pro阵容公布价格下降,没有发布更新的模型,我需要一个非常强烈的信号,显示他们的独立桌面市场但是他们没有这样做,他们仍然以相同的价格销售这些Mac优点是当他们宣布在三年前我把这个当成一个信号,他们计划取代他们,或至少希望取代它们,但出于某种原因却失败了。↩︎