费德里科•Viticci,MacStories。”10.5英寸iPad Pro:面向未来“:

A good way to think about the iPad’s new display with ProMotion is not the difference between low-res and Retina screens, but the jump from 30fps to 60fpsYou see more of every animation. Text is more legible when you scroll and doesn’t judderIt’s hard to explain and it has to be seen and experienced to be fully understoodEvery scroll, page transition, and app launch animation on the 10.5″ iPad Pro is荒谬的smooth to the point of feeling unrealistic at first — hence the common reaction that something doesn’t quite computeBut as you spend some time with the new iPad and start using it on a daily basis, its display becomes normal and you wish that other Apple displays were the same.

I’m not even a week into my tests with the 10.5″ iPad Pro, and I think scrolling on my first-gen 12.9″ iPad Pro looks choppy nowI’d be surprised if 120Hz displays with ProMotion don’t expand to the iPhone later this year and other Apple computers in the futureThe combination of hardware and software really is好。

Last year when True Tone was introduced with the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, Phil Schiller said something to the effect of “Once you get used to True Tone, you can’t go back.” I optimistically took that as a sign that the iPhone 7 would have True Tone它没有,原因可能是真正的语气需要额外的硬件上的传感器正面环境光的温度,和iPhone有额外的传感器的机会更小但与晋升,我真的希望它会使其进入今年的新iphoneProMotion不需要额外的传感器 - 只有超高速GPU(iPhone将拥有)和iOS中的复杂软件支持(Apple已经为iPad Pro工作)。

不管怎样,真的很难引用一位Viticci的审查如果您只是彻底阅读了一篇关于新iPad Pro的评论,那应该是他的Nobody outside Apple cares as much about iPad as he does.

马修·Panzarino TechCrunch,“Apple利用iPad Pro支持其未来的计算承诺”:

After playing with the new iPad Pro 10.5” for a few days, I am convinced that it’s fairly impossible to do a detailed review of it in its current state.

Not because there is some sort of flaw, but because it was clearly designed top to bottom as an empty vessel in which to pour iOS 11.

Every feature, every hardware advancement, every piece of understated technical acrobatics is in the service of making Apple’s next-generation software shine.

Dieter Bohn,The Verge,“iPad Pro 10.5评论:过度杀伤”:

I was all set to complain that increasing the size from 9.7 to 10.5 was not a big enough jump to justify requiring people to buy new keyboards and accessoriesThen I started typing on the on-screen keyboard and on the new hardware Smart KeyboardEven though I’m dubious about Apple’s claim that the software keyboard is “full size”, I find the slight size increase makes touch typing much easierIt’s still a little cramped, but it’s much easier to bounce between this and a real keyboard now.



To me, if you’re going to spend $650 on a computer, it should almost surely be your main computerAnd if you’re going to make the iPad Pro your main computer, you should probably get more than 64GB of storage and you should also probably get a keyboard to go with it (to say nothing of the Apple Pencil)It hits the $1,000 mark very quickly.


布莱恩X陈,纽约时报,“新款iPad Pro将取代PC,但却昙花一现“:

五年后,先生乔布斯的继任者蒂莫西D.Cook, took the iPad a step furtherUnveiling the iPad Pro, a souped-up tablet that worked with Apple’s keyboard and stylus, he remarked that people would try the product and “conclude they no longer need to use anything else, other than their phones.”

这种预测似乎没有实现Many professionals say they use an iPad in addition to a personal computer, and sales of iPads have shrunk quarter after quarter for more than a year, an indication that hordes of people were not trading in their PCs for tablets just yet.

That situation is unlikely to change with Apple’s newest iPad Pro, which will be released this week[…] But after about a week of testing the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, I concluded that Apple’s professional tablet still suffers from some of the same problems when compared with a laptop.

这是库克的报价的倾斜截断。库克的全部报价:“是的,iPad Pro是许多人的笔记本电脑或台式机的替代品他们将开始使用它,并得出结论他们不再需要使用其他任何东西,除了他们的手机。“Chen的截断使得听起来像Cook声称iPad Pro是Mac或Windows的替代品。他没有事实上,新的iPad新MacBook Pro亮相,MacBook Pro,甚至more-megahertz-in-the-box MacBook air表明,苹果并不这么认为。更新:我完全忘了提到固体更新iMac和iMac Pro的公告。

我喜欢笔记本电脑iPad Pro“非常不同于”笔记本电脑比iPad”亲爱的,我一世更喜欢在iPad Pro的MacBook Pro但是我能明白为什么别人觉得恰恰相反这就是Apple将它们分开的策略,而不是将它们统一为Microsoft Surface风格。


安德鲁·坎宁安Ars Technica。”10.5英寸iPad Pro是比什么更“专业”“:

Of all the computers Apple sells, none of them has screens that do quite as much的东西随着iPad的优点。

That list starts with DCI-P3 color gamut support (new in the 12.9-inch Pro, returning to the smaller one) and an anti-reflective coating, features also present in recent iMacs and MacBook ProsBut the True Tone feature, which detects the color temperature of the ambient light, adjusts the display’s color temperature to matchMost significantly, the iPad’s refresh rate has been bumped up to 120Hz, twice the normal 60HzThe screens in the iPad Pros are the best screens Apple ships, which is appropriate for a thing that’s just a giant screen by design.

The 10.5-inch Pro has a 2224×1668 screen, up just a little bit from the 2048×1536 in 9.7-inch iPadsThe density is identical, so photos and text are exactly the same size they were before; you can just fit a bit more of them on-screen at once.

这一点很重要有一些聪明的猜测丹教务长几个月前,10.5英寸iPad将有相同的像素尺寸为12.9英寸iPad Pro,更高的像素每英寸密度这就是Apple对iPad Mini的所作所为投机的问题就是数学了,东西在屏幕上不会的大小一切都会缩减20%不是每个人的眼睛可以处理很好使用的迷你——通常是目光敏锐的孩子——但不是标准尺寸的iPad。

我一直在想,也许苹果公司会做什么是普罗沃斯特建议的,但提供标准和缩放模式之间的选择,如Plus尺寸的iPhone做不我认为他们所做的更好,因为我认为缩放的“缩放”界面看起来会模糊不清,只有324 ppiiPhone +显示有401 ppi的决议。


You can suss out a lot about Apple’s priorities from the aspects of a product it leaves alone and the ones it never stops obsessing over.

考虑到iPad。每一个generation of Apple’s tablet since the first one in 2010 has had the same stated battery life–“up to 10 hours”–which suggests that the company thinks that shooting for anything in excess of that would be wasted effort.

That 2010 iPad weighed a pound and a half, and felt a bit hefty in the handWith 2013’s iPad Air, Apple whittled that down to about a poundAnd there the mid-sized iPads have stayed, weight-reduction mission accomplished.

However, when it comes to the iPad’s display, Apple has never been satisfied to rest on its technological laurels.