iPhone Prelude

Rene Ritchie,“未来的iPhone:了解iPhone 8“:

iPhone 8 will simply let Apple impress in a different way — by including technologies that don’t yet reach iPhone scaleIn other words, by bringing tomorrow’s iPhone to market today.

In terms of the business, it’s really no different than getting an iPhone onto Verizon, onto China Mobile, with bigger and bigger displays, or with smaller displays again — it’s about annexing adjacent markets and maximizing the revenue potential for iPhone.

As it becomes harder to sell more iPhones — the population of earth is now a limiting factor — selling更多的是iPhone变得有益It’s the same benefit Apple gets from selling services revenue on top of iPhone, but in atoms, not bits.

Ritchie正在使用“iPhone 8”这个名称来指代我称之为“iPhone Pro”的产品 - 我认为这款高端OLED显示屏的售价可能超过1000美元除了名字之外,我认为他对Apple如何定位这个问题有正确的想法:今天的未来iPhone


Honda established itself in America with the Civic and Accord — both good, solid but basic carsBut big profits in the automotive world don’t come from basic cars that sell for commodity prices. Those profits come from cars that get consumers so excited that they’ll pay a premium price just to have oneThe Prelude was Honda’s first attempt at an exciting car.

Prelude是本田的技术领先优势Features that are now expected from Honda, like the double-wishbone suspension under the Accord, fuel injection, and VTEC electronic variable valve timing system showed up first on the Prelude before migrating across the Honda line (though VTEC first showed up on the 1990 Acura NSX)The Prelude was also a test bed for some technologies that went nowhere, like four-wheel steering.

从广义上讲,这是我对iPhone Pro的想法 - 这是一款价格实惠的产品,可以让我们在一两年内尽早获取所有iPhone中的技术和组件(甚至可能只是)。