按侧键确认iPhone X上的付款

偶尔我会注意到来自Hacker News的万博manbetx贴吧的流量突然爆发它总是昙花一现,因为我从未见过解释的原因,万博manbetx贴吧文章总是一旦他们登上头版,就会被黑客新闻列入黑名单很明显很多HN读者不喜欢我的工作,因为他们认为我是一个无耻的Apple shill,但是因为我喜欢阅读评论而删除这些文章是一件很遗憾的事。我觉得这让我不禁阅读那些不喜欢万博manbetx贴吧的人的评论。

然而,即使在黑客新闻主页上被列入黑名单之后,评论线程仍然存在我经历了黑客新闻评论我的iPhone X评论今天,关于Apple Pay如何在iPhone X上运行的一些评论引起了我的注意:


Apple made some interactions so unintuitive that even I was confused一个例子是购买应用程序Pre-X, you’d tap the “get” button and place your finger on the home button or enter your passwordWith the X you have to tap the button, look at your device, and then follow the most unintuitive animation to actually press the physical side button.


我已经有了几天的X.The animation to press the physical button totally had me stumped the first few times! Overall I’m a fan (such as great camera and great screen) but some of the new interactions are taking some getting used to.


Yeah the explanation for the side button tap should be considered a straight up bug — I had to google what to do.

这些评论引起了我的注意,因为一个技术娴熟的家庭成员在第一次尝试在他们的新iPhone X上购买应用时感到困惑。他们给我看了电话使用“双击付费”动画1and asked me, “What am I supposed to double click here? It doesn’t work.” What they had tried was double tapping on the “Double Click to Pay” label on screen当我解释动画指向物理侧按钮时,众所周知的灯泡打开了。

这是一个有趣的设计困境Apple要求您按下物理侧按钮确认使用Apple Pay或App Store进行购买的原因是因为按下侧面按钮不能被应用程序伪造如果它是一个屏幕上的按钮,一个邪恶的应用程序可能会出现一个假的Apple Pay按钮对于任何普通应用程序,单击侧面按钮一次将始终锁定屏幕,双击将使您进入Apple Pay模式只有Apple自己的软件可以覆盖这样的侧面按钮双击侧面按钮以确认购买有效地保证了它是合法的付款体验。

但是:人们自然希望他们在iPhone上所做的一切都能在屏幕上完成屏幕手机 - 而iPhone X更是如此即使动画指向屏幕上的侧面按钮,人们也不会想到他们需要在屏幕外做某事以授权交易他们认为屏幕一侧的可供性按钮,他们应该双击(他们没有注意到“点击”和“点击”之间的口头区别)。

I’m not sure what the solution here is, but I think Apple needs to come up with a better indication — perhaps something more explicit, the first time you encounter it — that you need to click the hardware button, not tap something on screen.

更新:这个问题对于Face ID来说并不新鲜Touch ID也有类似的问题这是我今天从朋友那里得到的一张纸条:

FWIW, Touch ID has been out for four years, and I still see people try to press the fingerprint icon that shows up in the middle of the screenCan’t count the number of times just in the past six monthsI don’t think the X’s initial double-click confusion is a new problem.


@jtregear @daringfireball Father in law repeatedly said his Touch ID wasn’t workingHe was putting his thumb to the finger print icon on screen rather than the home button.


@daringfireball并非完全是一个新问题First time my mom was asked for her fingerprint for iTunes purchases with TouchID, the thought she had to put her finger on the fingerprint on-screen image, not on the home button.



Yes! On-screen language just needs to be rewritten with an arrow pointing right我建议:“按下该死的侧面按钮两次It’s on the damn right edge of the phone.”twitter.com/daringfireball...


Mock me if you will, but I went weeks without understanding how to confirm payments on the iPhone XI kept double-tapping the screenI had to google and read an article before I was able to figure it out.



This was my main crit of @gruber’s otherwise great review — the side-button double-press is really, really, really bad. Unintuitive but more damningly — it’s not开玩笑

This is in large part because the power-button-across-from-volume-rockers has always felt like a fundamentally wrong design decisionDouble-press aside, I take 5-10 unintentional screenshots a dayAt least they’re in their own folder now.

The best part of the iPhone X experience really is just how fun it feels — how it’s so totally tactile and responsive and fluid in a way iPhones have never been.

  1. 要记住的事情如果你看这个动画is that the “Double Click to Pay” animation is aligned perfectly with the hardware side button. ↩︎