关于iPhone X仅生产一年的谣言

Mike Wuerthele,为AppleInsider撰稿(标题:“如果iPhone X的需求低于预期,分析师预计,当更换产品时,它将成为“生命终结”“):

In a research note seen by AppleInsider, KGI securities believes that Apple will ship around 18 million of the iPhone X in the first calendar quarter of 2018Contrary to other predictions based on the supply chain, KGI says that the iPhone X has not been as impactful in China as predicted because of the notch holding the sensors for the device, giving consumers the impression that there is less usable space than on the iPhone 8 Plus.

凯基还预计2018年秋季将推出三款iPhone手机He predicts the iPhone X will be “end of life” in the summer of 2018, instead of being retained as a lower-cost option in the following yearIf this is the case, it would be the first time that Apple has not retained the previous year’s model to allow for a wide range of iPhones available at many price points.

这个会这是iPhone旗舰机型第一次没有坚持第二年。2013年,Apple推出了iPhone 5S为了取代iPhone 5,还推出了iPhone 5C以占据第二个定价层当5S和5C首次亮相时,iPhone 5从产品线上掉了下来。1

这与iPhone 5不受欢迎无关我认为Apple只是希望明确区分顶级和二级模型如果有关今年即将到来的新阵容的谣言是真的 -如果- 我认为完全相同的逻辑我认为它也不仅仅是关于iPhone X的外观,而是生产的难度(因而也是昂贵的) - 特别是OLED显示器(几乎可以肯定的是,决定使用塑料体iPhone 6C作为第二层机型,而不是让iPhone 5保持第二年:iPhone 5是第一款一体式铝合金手机,据报道很难生产。)

有趣的消息是,iPhone X可能只有一年左右,可以肯定(再次,如果是真的),但至少并不令人惊讶,只有我们的追随者才能密切关注这些事情。尽管如此,你还是得到了安东尼·卡斯伯森(Anthony Cuthbertson)关于这份出版物的报告,该报道今天以曾经备受推崇的名称“新闻周刊”(Newsweek)运作(标题:“Is Apple About to Cancel the iPhone X? Poor Sales Mean Device Faces ‘End of Life’“):

When Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the iPhone X last September, he said the $999 device would “set the path of technology for the next decade.” But while its technological credentials may not be in question, a poor reception for Apple’s most expensive iPhone may mean it is forced to step off that path within a year of going on sale.

Rumors stemming from Apple analysts suggest that a reduction in orders means iPhone X production may cease as early as this summer, which would be the first time Apple has discontinued an iPhone before unveiling a new model.

凯基证券分析师的研究报告,seen by Apple news site AppleInsider, estimated iPhone X shipments in the first quarter of 2018 were at around 18 million devices — a significant reduction on previous flagship iPhones.

Cuthbertson的唯一来源是AppleInsider对Ming-Chi Kuo报告的总结 - 他得出的结论根本就不是原作Cuthbertson正在制定一个场景,苹果公司将在今年夏天停止销售iPhone X,这是在9月宣布新车型之前的几个月对于苹果来说,这确实是一种耸人听闻的 - 彻头彻尾的羞辱性挫折但是,这种情况无法实现,而且这也不是AppleInsider所说的Kuo所期望的What Kuo said is that Apple might stop producing new iPhone X units once they’ve made enough to keep shelves stocked until SeptemberKuo确实认为这可能是因为iPhone X的销售令人失望(特别是在中国),但Kuo的记录只是很好。什么正在Apple的亚洲供应链中,而不是为什么如果Kuo是正确的,iPhone X将从明年的iPhone阵容中删除,我不认为其原因与它的销售情况有关。

Also, even if it’s true that Apple will “only” sell 18 million iPhone X units in the first calendar quarter of 2018, you have to put that in context with the fact that the iPhone X debuted alongside the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, which had the features, design, and prices of what in any previous year would have been顶级新款iPhone。

关于Cuthbertson报告的一切 - 从他妈的标题开始,2which arguably is all that matters for a publication like today’s Newsweek, which is, I would bet, hopelessly dependent upon social media traffic and utterly disdainful of the notion of building up a wellspring of trust with a devoted readership — seems written to paint a picture of the iPhone X being a sales failure, facts be damned, and nothing about it — not a single sentence — seems geared toward giving the reader an accurate, genuine understanding of what’s actually going on with sales of the current iPhone lineup.

甚至不要让我开始讲述那个残骸知名的试纸福布斯“贡献者“戈登凯利的杰出头条,”苹果泄漏揭示突然iPhone X取消”这篇文章至少达不到福布斯通常的标准值得卷起并用作性玩具对短手的庸俗人士。

  1. 原来的iPhone也应该算一算当iPhone 3G首次亮相时,Apple停止销售原装iPhone事实上,我越是想到它,就越可以说这个标准适用于全新的iPhone外形明年以更低的价格留在阵容中To my mind, the new iPhones that qualify as “radically new form factors” are: the original iPhone in 2007 (of course), the iPhone 4 in 2010 (first retina display, glass back, external antenna), the iPhone 5 in 2012 (aluminum unibody), and the iPhone X (OLED display, Face ID sensor array)I don’t think the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus qualify, because I’m talking about things that make a new iPhone design difficult and/or unusually expensive to manufacture and assemble — they looked different just because they were bigger, but I don’t think there was anything about them that made them more difficult to assemble than the iPhone 5/5S在那些全新的iPhone手机中,只有一款iPhone 4在产品阵容中以较低的价格出现在其后续产品首次亮相之后这是特别幽默的,因为iPhone 4是具有最广为人知的设计“缺陷”的iPhone - 如果,你知道,你做错了,天线会受到衰减问题的影响。iPhone 4遭遇了无可争议的整个产品历史上最严重的制造问题:白色模型发货差不多整整一年了↩︎︎

  2. 我想了很多自己的头条新闻正好↩︎

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