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It sounds too good to be true, but the XR is almost as good as the XS models at a更低的价格Dollar for dollar, the XR is almost certainly the best iPhone Apple has ever made.


Matthew Panzarino认为最大的妥协是缺少长焦第二相机

但是,我发现自己错过了很多变焦镜头This is absolutely a your mileage may vary scenario, but I take the vast majority of my pictures with the telephoto lensLooking back at my year with the iPhone X I’d say north of 80% of my pictures were shot with the telephoto, even if they were close upsI simply prefer the “52mm” equivalent with its nice compression and tight cropIt’s just a better way to shoot than a wide angle — as any photographer or camera company will tell you because that’s the standard (equivalent) lens that all cameras have shipped with for decades.

Wide angle lenses were always a kludge in smartphones and it’s only in recent years that we’ve started getting decent telephotos. If I had my choice, I’d default to the tele and have a button to zoom从广角来看,那会更好。

But with the iPhone XR you’re stuck with the wide — and it’s a single lens at that, without the two different perspectives Apple normally uses to gather its depth data to apply the portrait effect.

另一方面,Nilay Patel不会错过远摄第二相机,而是相反认为与XS iPhone相比,LCD显示屏是最大的折衷方案

Those differences are interesting and worth pulling apart, but really, the simplest way to think about the iPhone XR is that it offers virtually the same experience as the iPhone XS for $250 less, but you’ll be looking at a slightly worse display.


看iPhone XR上的显示器很好It’s fine! It has a lower-resolution and pixel density than the OLEDs in new flagship phones like the iPhone XS, Galaxy S9, and Pixel 3, but it’s the same 326 pixels per inch as Apple’s previous non-Plus LCD iPhones. Anyone coming to this phone from any iPhone, save the iPhone X, will not notice a huge discrepancy in resolutionI suspect most people will find it totally acceptable.

That’s not to say it matches the quality of previous iPhone LCDs. The iPhone XR LCD definitely shifts a little pink and drops brightness quickly when you look at it off-axis, which often leads to a bit of a shimmery effect when you move the phone aroundI noticed that shimmer right away, but I had to point it out to other people for them to see it(It’s one of those things you might not notice at first, but you can’t un-see it.) Apple told me the XR display should match previous iPhone LCDs in terms of performance, but side by side with an iPhone 8 Plus, the off-axis shifts are definitely more pronounced.

Panzarino和Patel都不对It’s obvious that the display and lack of a second camera are the two biggest compromises on the XR that allow it to be priced so much lower than the XS models对你更重要的是纯粹主观的Panzarino说:“如果我有我的选择,我会默认使用电视机,并有一个缩放按钮to the wide angle”; Patel says “I rarely take zoom photos, so I didn’t miss the telephoto lens from the iPhone XS at all”.

不过,请相信潘扎里诺的一面If I could have a next-gen iPhone XR that either (a) keeps the same LCD display but adds the XS’s second camera, or (b) switches to the XS’s OLED display (including smaller bezel) but still lacks the second camera, I would choose (a) in a heartbeat在使用iPhone XR一整天后,我不再看到显示屏或更宽的挡板出现任何问题我每天都想念长焦相机。


Apple’s also done some extremely detailed work to make the rounded corners of the LCD perfectly match the corners of the phone itself, which is work I desperately wish other companies would do. (Most other phones with rounded corners have mismatched radii, and the Pixel 3 XL has different corner radii at the top and bottom, which, to me, looks far worse than any chunky bezel.)

It’s somewhat easier to round the corners of an OLED panel: each pixel is its own light source, so you can turn them off individually around the curve to smooth it outYou can’t do that with an LCD panel because there’s just one single backlight for the entire display, which will shine through the black pixels along the edgeSo Apple built little apertures for the pixels around the corners of the XR display to mask some of the light coming through, on top of antialiasing the curve in softwareIt’s a neat example of Apple’s attention to detail.


iPhone XR是苹果公司在其突破性iPhone X中的最佳软件。

我认为它可以用来制作一个完整的iPhone XR评论,使用它是iPhone X的惊人仿制品。

说到设计细节,Rene Ritchie,在另一个热烈的评论中,指出一些小工业设计的琐事

Less fine is the sudden loss of Z-axis asymmetry thanks to the shoved down Lightning port on iPhone XRAgain, yes, this is only something I.Dnerds like myself care about, but after iPhone XS broke X-axis symmetry to fit a 4 × 4 MiMo antenna on the bottom, iPhone XR has gone and broken the Z by top aligning instead of middle aligning Lightning to the screws and grills, probably to make room for the not-as-thin-as-self-illuminating-OLED edge-to-edge LCD.

I still haven’t gotten used to the steel screws and ports not always being vapor coated to match the aluminum anodization, now this?

I know it bugs the designers and engineers even more than it does meAnd while it’s still not as rando as some other companies seem to be by tossing elements into the casing like drunken darts at a board, and as nit-picky (and I’m sure eye-rolling) as I’m sure it is for some of you, I’ve鉴于三星对此不屑一顾for years, so I’m not going to stop just because, this time, my eyes are bleeding courtesy of Apple.

我讨厌承认这一点,但我没有提到Lightning端口没有用螺丝或扬声器格栅居中,因为直到我阅读Rene的评论时我才注意到它(Nilay Patel也提到过。)但现在我无法理解它:

iPhone XR的底视图,显示Lightning端口与螺钉或扬声器格栅的中心对齐方式。

它没有完全对齐,但它是完全可以原谅的制作一个没有下巴或额头的液晶手机来掩盖显示控制器真的非常非常困难这很难做到OLED没有下巴或额头的手机 - 只要问谷歌但液晶显示器是一个不同的球赛To my knowledge, iPhone XR is the only LCD phone ever made, by anyone, with no chin or forehead显示控制器位于显示屏下方,必须按下Lightning端口这绝对是一种妥协,但对于设备的整体外观来说非常值得Everyone would notice if the XR had a chin; almost no one is going to notice the Lightning port is top-aligned rather than centered with the screws and speakers.

像往常一样,乔安娜斯特恩拥有最好的视频她获得了Product Red变体,她的视频真实地展示了它的外观她还很好地说明了你会错过远摄镜头的场景。

最后,关于定价以及今天的手机是“正义”手机的概念。这是连线的Lauren Goode

Apple wants to make it clear that it’s not trying to gouge you. Sure, when the iPhone X launched last year, Apple priced it at nearly $1,000And yes, this year’s iPhone XS sells for the same amountAnd of course, Apple killed off its smallest and most affordable handset, the iPhone SE, right as it was introducing the most expensive iPhone yet.

但是苹果希望你知道你有一个选择You get to pick from a very small pool of potential devices, but hey, at least you have options! Never mind that certain choices, like color, were predetermined for you by a room full of powerful tastemakers who decided to make coral or蔚蓝的发生Never mind that whatever you pay, it’s still a crazy amount of money for a phoneYou are making the callYou, sir or madam, have your choice of new iPhones.

我认为Goode的其他评论与750美元(或更好,128 GB版本为800美元)是一个“手机的疯狂金额”的概念相矛盾。

手机是大多数人生活中最重要的电脑他们是只要计算机在许多人的生活中没有人说在笔记本电脑上花费高达1,500美元是疯狂的 - 但大多数人使用和关心他们的手机比他们的笔记本电脑更多这就是手机显示器越来越大的原因在2007年之前的意义上,我们将它们视为“手机”已经腐败了。

手机曾经只是一部无线电话不再它们是我们永远存在的个人电脑它们也是我们最重要的相机(通常是我们的只要相机)十年前,傻瓜相机很容易就能卖到200-400美元It’s your watch, it’s your alarm clock, it’s your Walkman, it’s your map and GPS这是你的钱包里装满了你的家人和朋友的照片它也越来越多了实际的钱包

如果你把iPhone XR带回2006年,人们会感到惊讶如果你告诉他们他们可以花750美元买一个他们认为你在说谎。

在相关的说明中,我认为iPhone价格并没有真正上涨去年的X和今年的XS车型是一个新的高级车型iPhone XR是之前“常规”顶级电话的手机新的顶级iPhone曾经花费600-650美元,是的,iPhone XR起价为750美元但是当你考虑通货膨胀时的起始价格差不多iPhone 4于2010年6月推出,起价600美元2010年6月美元600美元今天大概是700美元这600美元的iPhone在2010年为你带来了16 GB的iPhone32 GB型号售价700美元今天的价格约为810美元 - 比128 GB iPhone XR的价格高出10美元,我认为这是大多数人的阵容中的最佳点通货膨胀调整后,iPhone XR正好符合2010年iPhone 4的价格。

考虑到iPhone XR与iPhone 4相比有多大功能,我认为750美元是一个惊人的便宜货。

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