The Verge:'中国如何从iPhone中扯下并重塑Android'

我非常喜欢Sam Byford对中国手机制造商定制的基于Android的操作系统的深入了解:

Many experienced Android users in the West who try out Chinese phones, including reviewers here at The Verge, often find themselves unable to get over an immediate stumbling block: the softwareFor the unfamiliar, Chinese phone software can be garish, heavy-handed, and quite unlike anything installed on phones that are popular outside of AsiaIf there’s anything that’s going to turn you off thebrand-new Huawei Mate 20 Pro, for example — unsubstantiated Cold War-esque paranoia aside — it’s容易成为软件。

But for the last year-plus, I’ve used almost every major Chinese phone extensively, traveled to the country several times, and met with dozens of people at its biggest phone manufacturersThis experience hasn’t altogether stopped me from feeling that most Chinese phone companies have a long way to go in many areas of software developmentNo one has a great answer for why everyone copies the iPhone camera app so embarrassinglyBut I have learned a lot about the design principles behind many of these phones, and — as you ought to expect — there does tend to be a method behind what some may assume to be madness.

Byford makes a compelling case that these Android derivatives — Xiaomi’s MIUI, Vivo’s Funtouch OS (real name, I swear), Oppo’s ColorOS, and Huawei’s EMUI, just to name some of them — are best thought of as Android-based OSes, not mere “skins” atop Google’s canonical Android实际上没有规范的Android了,因为谷歌出现在其像素上的操作系统不适用于其他手机制造商。


As for the camera apps, it’s really incredible how similar the vast majority are — both to each other and to AppleJudging by the accuracy and specificity of the rip-offs, the camera app from iOS 7 has a serious claim to being one of the most influential software designs of the past decadeJust look at the picture aboveXiaomi wins an extremely low number of points for putting the modes in a lowercase blue fontBut otherwise, only Huawei has succeeded in creating a genuinely new camera app design, which happens to be very goodI consider it penance for the company’s egregious and barely functional rip-off of the iOS share sheet.