App Store中的应用内购买诈骗

Apple的App Store也不是免于诈骗的John Koetsier,为福布斯写作:


  1. 下载应用程序
  2. 打开它
  3. Click the big “Start” button (this has small, hard-to-read pricing information, but even though I was testing the app and forewarned, I missed it)
  4. Instantly be taken to an Apple payments confirmation screen: free for three days, and then $3.99/week in perpetuity.

流动是聪明和偷偷摸摸的It’s carefully designed to have you “agree” to the charges without having any intention of paying

“Users open the app and quickly tap a ‘Start’ button or ‘Continue’ button on the first page,” she told me via email“Unfortunately this loads the Apple payment prompt instead of starting the free app as most users would expectUsers then panic and press the home screen to exit the app — unfortunately on fingerprint devices this makes payment or signs up for the free trial.”

Needless to say, $4/week for a very, very, very simple barcode-scanning device is completely ridiculous$156/year borders on criminal.

从那以后,苹果公司已经推出了大部分应from the App Store, but how did they get there in the first place? I can see how a new app with a malicious IAP scam might slip through review, but once an app is generating tens of thousands of dollars a month, it ought to get a thorough review from the App Store.

上面提到的骗局无疑是非常聪明的我之前从未真正考虑过这个问题,但Touch ID设备上的主页按钮同时用作“是的我确实想要授权这笔付款“验证让我离开这个应用程序,然后回到主屏幕“逃生舱就像这样滥用成熟面部识别功能不会使X级iPhone免受诈骗,但要求您双击侧面按钮以验证付款意味着您不会被无意中欺骗。