Google Pixel 3和“快速”感应充电

Ron Amadeo,在Ars Technica写作:

For some unexplained reason, Google is locking out third-party Qi chargers from reaching the highest charging speeds on the Pixel 3. Third-party chargers are capped to a pokey 5W charging speedIf you want 10 watts of wireless charging, Google hopes you will invest in its outrageously priced Pixel Stand, which is $79[...]

Regular 10W wireless chargers can be had for around $15-$25, so Google’s $79 Pixel Stand comes at a hefty markupQi is a standard, and a phone should strive to work with every charger. The Qi standard高达15W, so there doesn’t seem to be any reason for Google’s 5W limit.

Amadeo的观点反映了对这一新闻的共识反应 - 这是谷歌的一笔钱,试图让Pixel 3所有者购买谷歌自己的专有充电座也许这是真的但这可能不是真的Google应该支持Qi标准以获得更高的充电速度这一想法是基于Qi标准在技术上很好的假设我认为这根本不是一个安全的假设。

售价79美元的充电座钱对我来说听起来并不像谷歌我认为谷歌更有可能采用专有技术来提高充电速度,因为他们的专有技术比Qi标准规定的10W充电效果更好请记住,他们肯定已经在Pixel 3硬件上工作多年了。

我错了But it seems far more likely to me, and more in character for Google, that they’re not sticking with the Qi standard simply because the standard isn’t good enough — or wasn’t good enough two years ago when they were making engineering decisions for the Pixel 3像齐这样的行业标准就是这样:它们通常很糟糕。