iPhone XR上的Halide和Focal Depth


Now we get to do that again: Halide 1.11 will let you take Portrait mode photos of just about anything, not just people.

We do this by grabbing the focus pixel disparity map and running the image through our custom blurWhen you open Halide on iPhone XR, simply tap ‘Depth’ to enable depth captureAny photo you take will have a depth map, and if there’s sufficient data to determine a foreground and background, the image will get beautifully rendered bokeh, just like iPhone XS shots.

You’ll notice that enabling the Depth Capture mode does not allow you to preview Portrait blur effect or even automatically detect peopleUnfortunately, the iPhone XR does not stream depth data in realtime, so we can’t do a portrait previewYou’ll have to review your portrait effects after having taken the photo, much like the Google Pixel.

我很高兴Halide提供这个,但我可以看到为什么Apple没有在内置的Camera app中为非人类主题启用它这是命中还是错过但是当它击中时它看起来很棒What you want to do is let Halide handle the focus blurring; if you don’t like the result, disable “Depth” for that shot in Halide.