BBColors is a free command-line tool for saving and loading text color preference schemes for BBEdit and TextWrangler.


BBColors 1.0.1(4 KB) - 2006年10月15日


Copy “bbcolors” to some location in your shell’s PATH; a typical location would be在/ usr / local / bin目录/要么在/ usr / bin中/

bbcolorsis a hack that works by diddling with BBEdit’s preferences; as such, I strongly recommend that you make a backup of your com.barebones.bbedit.plist file in your Preferences folder before using it.


To save your current BBEdit text color preferences to a set named “My Great Colors”, type:

bbcolors -save“我的伟大色彩”

To load the text colors from the set named “My Other Great Colors”, replacing your current BBEdit text color preferences, but leaving all of your other BBEdit preferences alone, type:

bbcolors -load“我的其他大颜色”


bbcolors -save "My TextWrangler Colors" -tw
bbcolors -load "My Other Great Colors" -tw

因为bbcolorsdoes its thing by diddling with BBEdit’s preferences using the默认system, colors can only be loaded when BBEdit (or TextWrangler) is not running颜色可能是保存然而,在任何时候。


bbcolors  -  man



颜色方案保存为文本文件~/Library/Application Support/BBColors/,使用文件扩展名“.bbcolors”So, a color scheme named “My Great Colors” will be saved as a text file at:

〜/ Library / Application Support / BBColors / My Great Colors.bbcolors

这些文件可以与他人共享To “install” a color set file, simply copy it to your〜/ Library / Application Support / BBColors /夹。

To open this folder in the Finder (and create it if it doesn’t exist), type:

bbcolors -open


bbcolors -bbopen


bbcolors -bbopen -tw


bbcolors -list


以“//”(两个斜杠)开头的行被视为注释This is useful for adding your name and other information to files you intend to share with othersComments are only supported at the beginning of lines.



线条必须以分号结尾Numeric values should not be quoted. For example:

"Color:ColorAttributesSeparately"  =  1; 
"Color:Comment"                    = "rgb(52428,35980,15420)";

Backslashes and double-quotes in the name of a key (or value, in theory, but none of these keys should have values that contain either of these characters) must be escaped with a backslash.

BBColors scheme files are encoded as UTF-8; no other encoding is supported.

I’ve created a simple codeless language module for BBColors color scheme files:BBColors_Scheme_CLM.zipThis language module will only work in BBEdit 8.5 and later.